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I Felt Pretty Famous on Saturday


I Felt Pretty Famous on Saturday


I felt pretty famous on Halloween =) multiple people stopped me in the street and asked if they could take  pictures with me and our bloom of Jellyfish =) check out a pic of out costume down below =)

We have a couple of great happenings for November. An amazing Yoga and Gong Healing Journey and a brand new 10 day challenge inspired by the Dali Lama. All the details are below. 

Update on a new space:  i have some super exciting possibilities for a new home for Wayne Family Wellness.. I will reveal all the details in the next few weeks...heres the scoop if you are just hearing about it now.

Please enjoy our new and SIMPLIFIED BOOKING SYSTEM!! and remember if you don't find an appointment that suites you online, please feel free to give a call to 610-203-3747. That goes for Acupuncture, Massage with Kylee or Meghan, or Energy work with Kara! We will find something that works for you!

Have an amazing week! Hope to see you soon!


5 Things I have been enjoying this week....
1. Trick or Treating with my bloom of Jellyfish on Halloween (Ill post more pics on our Facebook page this week!)

2. Rock climbing and bouldering at Philadelphia Rock Gym!
3. Eating Ramen at Terakawa in Philly
4. Getting my toes nails painted by Luna (my 5 year old)
5. Hiking in the Wissahickon and enjoying the AMAZING colors!

Also if there is something you have been enjoying that i should check out, please share it on our Facebook page or email me! 

Upcoming Events


10 Day Challenge
Nov. 15 - 24

Virtual - from anywhere!

10 Day Kindness Challenge (lets get healthy together series)

“This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness.” ― Dalai Lama

I was inspired recently by the Dalai Lama to be more kind. What an amazing challenge! What is life like when we consistently focus on being kind?...well thats what this 10 day challenge is designed to answer! Here is what we are going to do! ... read more

Nov. 20th

7:00-8:30 pm

Sacred Yoga & Sound Healing Journey

Join Us to celebrate the HALLOWEEN Full MOON with this special Kundalini Yoga & Healing Session. The first half of the class is dedicated to opening, stretching, expanding and raising our energy through Kundalini Yoga. During the second half... read more


Want to join our next wellness Challenge?


Want to join our next wellness Challenge?

Wow those cicadas are really singing today! To celebrate the abundant harvest of late summerLets Challenge ourselves and get even healthier! Join our Eat More Veggies 10 Day VIRTUAL ChallengeSign up, Oh and invite your buddies to join you, and win prizes!! STARTS THIS SATURDAY

Also I just added a Sacred Yoga & Sound Healing Journey Session for August 21st from 7-8:30 pm. I currently have 8 spots open! This class always fills up so jump in and get a spot! Heres what one participants experience from last month:

"Lance creates a relaxed, fun, safe environment for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. If you've never experienced a gong meditation you're in for a real treat! I went into it last time very wound up due to work, and left feeling no physical tension for the first time in months. It was transformational and I felt very, very grateful."

Yay! How awesome is that!

Well, have the most beautiful afternoon, looking forward to seeing you soon! 



Lance David Isakov, M.Ac. L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. CYT
Licensed Acupuncturist and Yoga Teacher

P.S. Im preparing our schedule of events/classes/fun stuff for the fall. please let me know if there is anything you would like to see offered here! 

P.P.S. We were having some technical difficulties with our online booking on mobile devices. It Should be working now but if you have any problems please let me know so i can pass it on to the tech folks!


a request, a challenge, and a gift!


a request, a challenge, and a gift!

I want to share  3 opportunities with you, 2 of  which have PRIZES...just cause prizes are fun! Couldn't we all use a little more fun in our life?

#1 An opportunity to help someone's quality of life

One of my dearest friends and fellow acupuncturist Rebecca Snyder Is asking for help as she heals from cancer. If enough of us even gave just $10 it would make a huge difference for Rebecca and her husband Jason. ALSO as a personal thank you everyone who donates $20 or more by this Tuesday 7/14 at 10pm will be entered into a raffle to win your choice of a FREE acupuncture session OR massage at wayne family wellness. I will pick 3 winners! Please let me know you donated by either posting here In the comments or sending me a message. Here it the link to Donate:

#2 Lets Get Healthy Together! Virtual Series 10 Day Water Challenge

ARE YOU READY TO FEEL AMAZING? Join your fellow Wayne Family Wellness members and dive in to a FREE 10 day VIRTUAL challenge that will get you feeling Clear, Bright, Awake, Relaxed and maybe even help you drop some excess baggage ;) AND THERE IS A PRIZE!

Here is what we are going to do! 
Starting on July 15 and for 10 day STRAIGHT we will follow these 3 guidelines..(see more)

#3 Sacred Yoga & Sound Healing Journey
Join Us to celebrate the Full MOON with this special Kundalini Yoga & Healing Session...(see more)

Oh and last but not least thank you for being amazing!


P.S. If you haven't met our new Massage Therapist Kylee, go right now and make an appointment. You will THANK YOURSELF FOR IT! 20% of through the end of the month for first timers!


Lance's Summer Letter 2015


Lance's Summer Letter 2015

Hi Friends!

This Sunday we celebrate the Summer solstice. We experience the sun at its highest and hottest and give thanks for the energy of Fire that it offers us. The powerful growth spurts of springtime have given way to an abundance of new life. We have beautiful plants including yummy vegetables and powerful healing herbs, buzzing insects and noisy birds squaking in the loudest voice they can. Summer is the time of year the energy of nature is at its fullest, biggest, brightest. Life is shining and moving as powerfully as it can. 

In us the energetic movement that summertime represents shows up as our fullest capacity of being. We have abundant energy, our biggest heart and love, playfullness, intimacy, relationships and joy come easily and abundantly. 

In 5 element medicine the goal is to keep the energy moving through this natural cycle. When it gets stuck thats when dis-ease, pain or upset occur. When the shining Summer energy (FIRE element) within us gets out of balance you may feel sad, lonely, shy, doubtful, confused, anxious or depressed. You may find it hard to make friends or have intimate relationships. You may feel low energy, lack of warmth or experience insomnia or heart disease.

When Fire is in balance it offers the gifts of warmth, partnership, compassion, joy, laughter and touch. 

If your Summertime energy or FIRE element is feeling stuck here are a couple exercises that can help!

DANCE! Turn on your favorite music and let your body move! you can even sing along if you want. There is a wonderful saying from Zimbabwe that goes: "If you can talk you can sing If you can walk you can dance"

LAUGH! How do you get holy water? Boil the hell out of it. 
HAHHAHAHAHHA. Do what it takes. read jokes online...tell the good ones to a friend or beloved. watch a comedy or listen to a comedian...i really like Steven Wright and Mitch hedberg...give them a try =)

SMORES! Gather your friends and make an old fashioned campfire. Tell stories, jokes, make smores...PS...Grandfather Fire always likes a good joke..the dirtier the better =)

If you have been receiving seasonal acupuncture treatments, now is the perfect time to come in for your Summer session. We can help bring Joy to your body, mind and soul! If you are new to acupuncture now is the perfect time to jump into sessions =) Also if you know anyone who may be interested please feel free to pass on this newsletter! 

Click here to schedule your session, email or call me at (610) 203-3747. 

See you soon!!!