As an acupuncturist, i am always trying to get to the root cause of upsets, and in the case of allergies, I practice a style of acupuncture called NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique). NAET Is a safe and natural approach to detecting and helping to reduce all types of allergies.

When clearing environmental allergies like pollen or hay, it is best to go through the NAET process when those allergens are not around us... ideally in winter. So what can we do in the mean time? 

Well, there are some amazing acupunture points that can help to bring relief to those itchy and watery eyes, sinus pressure, and tickle in the throat. In this short video i go through a 4 minute routine, that should have you feeling much, much better, and making funny faces =)!

I cover 3 main acupuncture points:

Welcome Fragrance: (next to the nostril)
- Opens the nasal passages
- eases itching & sneezing
- Reduces inflammation 

Gathered Bamboo (on medial end of the eyebrow)
- eases itchy & watery eyes
- stops twitching of eyes
- reduces inflammation
- clears sinus pressure

Between the Valley (on the mound between thumb and index finger)
- regulates the face, nose, mouth, & ears
- eases sinus pressure and headaches
- relaxes the face & jaw
- stops sneezing
- reduces inflammation

Enjoy the demonstration!