Hope you are having a great Fall experience this weekend! (Remember to take your plants inside – there's a frost warning tonight!) I had a blast at the annual Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill with Amilda Longbottom and a young Professor McGonagall on Saturday! 

You can see that unsuspecting muggle next to these witches was taken a bit off guard! Good thing a young Gryffindor was standing by, keeping cool. 

A Note from Amilda Longbottom: There is nothing quite like the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Walking around amongst my fellow witches and wizards made the world feel special, feel Alive.  So many people said ‘Hi’ to me and smiled and waved.  Perhaps I should wear my cape more often because the truth is that the world IS special and alive. Magic always feels closer in the fall.  Something about the leaves changing color and the angle of the light makes more possible.

Fall is indeed a magical time and one to let go of what no longer serves us. I have been stewing over a growth opportunity and have been inspired by the participants of our 10 day Courage Challenge to share it here.

Wayne Family Wellness is looking for a new home! Our current house is being sold with plans to demolish the building and replace it with 5 condos. The township has approved the zoning/permit requests from the builder but the settlement date has yet to be announced. ::bites nails::

We MAY have to be out by December, maybe January or it could be another year, but its hard to have that unsettled feeling. Also, when things like this happen, I like to take the opportunity to refine my vision and truly create what it is I want to manifest in this world. I have been looking for new properties for the last 6 months, but have yet to find something suitable. 

My request is that if you have or know of a great space in the area that would could be a happy home for our wellness center please let me know! I’m  looking for something unique. Ideally it's homey, warm, natural feeling and has space for at least three treatment rooms. 

In the meantime I’m so grateful for the beautiful space we have been in for over 7 years now. Once I find our new home, I’m thinking a party will be in order! I'll send an update when I find our new and improved home!

Thank you all for being such an inspiring and reliable community.  You make me feel connected, appreciated, and of service.

Lots of Love,

5 Things I have been enjoying this week....
1. Watching Freaks and Geaks on Netflix
2. Thinking about ways to be even more courageous every day!
3. Helping to create an AMAZING Halloween costume with friends! All I'll say for now is that the costume is ocean inspired. I'll post pics on our Facebook page on Halloween! 
4. Exploring new hikes with Nimbus! Check out this hidden gem in Wayne!
5. Going through "old" photos in a hard drive I found =) Ill post a bunch a little later today on our Facebook page!

Also if there is something you have been enjoying that i should check out, please share it on our Facebook page or email me! 

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Courage Challenge (Let's Get Healthy Together VIRTUAL Series) 

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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Sacred Yoga & Sound Healing Journey

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