Lets Celebrate Philadelphia's 333rd birthday together! Did you now Mayor Nutter proclaimed October 27th as A Day of Kindness to honor the 333rd Birthday of Philadelphia?

The Day was Inspired by the Dalai Llama, who, though he had to cancel his visit for health reasons, wanted his followers to do something meaningful and inspirational for the people of Philly.  
So what can you do today that will create a contagious energy of kindness?

Here are some ideas to get you started...if you have more please share them on our Facebook page today to help inspire kindness =)

  • pay someone's parking meter 
  • go out of your way to be nice to someone or help someone
  • hold the door open for someone
  • buy a stranger a coffee
  • give someone your place in line
  • SMILE more
  • express your gratitude more
  • leave some money on the street
  • invite someone to dinner
  • listen to someone who want to be heard
  • volunteer
  • give your favorite book to someone
  • randomly give flowers 

Did you know that kindness is good for you! Did you know it can make you HAPPIER?! check out this short video: The Science of Kindness

Have an AMAZING DAY!!!!!!!

in Kindness,

5 Things I have been enjoying this week....
1. Hiking and biking in Jim Thorpe, PA - Really beautiful!!!
2. Making coffee with the aeropress...yummy!
3. Connecting with an old friend!
4. Celebrating my 7 year anniversary with Amy
5. Feeling courageous and inspired by all the 10 courage challengers!

Also if there is something you have been enjoying that i should check out, please share it on our Facebook page or email me! 

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