We are over the Scorpio Moon excited to welcome the amazing Tara Vogel, Certified Astrologer and Certified Professional Coach to our Village Wellness team of practitioners! 

Astrology is the ancient practice of mapping where the celestial bodies were in the sky at the moment of your birth. Your astrological natal (birth) chart is essentially the blueprint of your soul and it can be used as a personalized map of YOU  throughout your lifetime. 

It gives you information about your character, relationships, talents and career, your blind spots, the lessons you’re here to learn and your life purpose.   It reflects the potential of your soul and can be used as a powerful tool to understand yourself and what’s happening in your life at a deeper level. Your natal chart is uniquely living and breathing energetic representation of you! 

tara vogel

Tara has a unique knack of helping her clients get a bigger picture of who they are and the gifts they present to life. People often come to her when they are facing challenges, big decisions, feel disconnected to their purpose, or want to have a little more clarity in their life. 

Folks who came to the open house yesterday evening had a chance to receive a mini-reading with Tara - and were totally blown away! 

Tara is currently accepting new clients! Learn more about Tara and Astrology and maybe even try a session out - you will not be disappointed! Learn more –>

See you soon...If it is in the stars ✨ 
With lots of love,
five element acupuncturist

P.S. we have just a couple more spots open for our past life regression class with Sue King this Sunday - if you are interested  see below for the details. 

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Village News

  1. We had an AMAZING open house this past weekend! thank you to everyone who came out! 

  2. We are excited to announce our New Reiki Practitioner Training Program!  Our Reiki One Training will be an in-depth 3 month program slated to start in February. If you are interested in knowing more, reply and let me know!

  3. We will be offering Pennsylvania's first, Medicinal Cannabis Jouneying workshop, for card holders only, on Nov. 30th (see below for all the details). If you know anyone who may qualify and be interested please share this email!