Jenni-Kay here. It is with much excitement and gratitude that I am offering the upcoming “Mindfulness for Everyday Life” 8 week program at Wayne Family Wellness. 

This program is very special to me as it is the fruit of, not only my education and professional experience, but also my own personal healing journey. And, though it is challenging for me to be so personal in such a public forum, I want to share a little of my journey with you. My wish is that a glimmer of light will shine from my story and help others who may be suffering. So here it goes...

I spent most of my twentieth year of life curled up in a ball, weeping in the corner of my lightless bedroom.  Overcome with anxiety, riddled with panic, I hid from the world like a bear in hibernation.

This period of dark despair was preceded by an adolescence colored by chronic stress and anxiety. I pushed through the overwhelm with a calendar chock full of activity and an immoveable smile on my face.  The world saw a happy, perfect girl, but my insides were crumbling.

My body shut down under the pressure and I would have fainting spells, lasting two weeks at a time, landing me on the floor two or three times a day.  I began to believe that I was no good; that my body was my enemy; that life was never going to get better, and finally decided to stick to my dark bedroom. 

I was twenty-one years old and on the brink of disappearing for good, when by some miracle I was introduced to a therapist who taught me how to breathe.  While it may sound simple, his gentle guidance saved my life.  I started counting my breaths and my bouts of panic slowly began to deescalate.  The fainting spells became shorter and I spent a little less time falling apart in the corner of my bedroom all alone.

Then yoga entered the scene.  When I laid down in relaxation pose at the end of my first class, my legs felt relaxed in a way that I had never experienced before.  Over the next several weeks, I started to realize that my body had the capacity to live.  I could stand without fainting.  I could move through postures – I had that ability.  I had the strength to stand and walk and so much more. 

I threw my remaining medication in the trash (which I am not recommending here!) and allowed my breath to guide me back to balance.  With the support of my therapist and a few very close friends – who kept knocking on my door throughout my period of hiding – I learned that it was okay to tell my story, to own my experience, and that there was hope for me yet.

After a few rocky (let me be honest, very rocky) years of healing, I became a certified yoga instructor and clinical social worker/therapist with a deep and unshakeable desire to offer others the same space that I had been blessed with: a place to fall apart, to heal, to learn, a safe place to become more whole.

While my own healing journey is not complete, I am filled with gratitude that I’ve found balance, stability, and the tools that I need to be okay… and thrive.

We all have our painful stories that involve dark corners, weeping, and despair.  While our experiences are unique to each of us, most of us would agree that suffering alone by yourself is the greatest hell of all.

This is what drove me to create the "Mindfulness for Everyday Life" program. I am offering a healing relationship, a holding space, and powerful tools, to bring you to life even more fully. 

If you are in any way curious about the program, join me for a FREE, 1 hour tele-course this Sunday, January 19th at 2pm, through which we will explore the topic of mindfulness and learn three techniques that will help you begin to feel better now.

There will also be time for you to ask questions about the upcoming “Mindfulness for Everyday Life” program that begins this coming Tuesday. 

Check out the information below and let me know if you have any questions.

With love,

Jenni Kay

Jenni Kay Long, RYT, MSS, LSW
Holistic Psychotherapist / Yoga Teacher
Wayne Family Wellness 

★ Tele-class: 3 Mindfulness Techniques to Help You Feel Better Now

When: This Sunday, January 19th, 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Cost: FREE
Where: Class takes place virtually by phone.
Register: send an email to: Once registered you will receive the telephone number and PIN for the class. Those who register will also receive an email recording of the class. 

"The tools we have been given in this [mindfulness] class have helped me to turn down the volume and deal with and reduce the effects of stress.  Great class." - Steve
"Jenni Kay brings such genuine warmth, passion, love, and skill to the work that she does; you will be soothed by her presence!  She skillfully integrates her work as a therapist and yoga/meditation teacher in ways that address the whole person, and creates a safe environment where people can be exactly as they are." - Ashley 
"Throughout the short four months that I’ve known Jenni Kay, she has taught me so much about my mind and my body’s relationship to one another through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. As a trauma survivor, this has been and will continue to be a crucial element in my personal growth and healing. As my teacher and as my friend, she has taught me that it’s safe to be as I am, wherever I am, and that my mind and my body can heal themselves if given the proper care. Jenni Kay is a gentle, sturdy soul, and has been my teacher inside and outside of the classroom."  -Trish