Should I go on a cleanse?...and I'm literally eating a piece of pizza (gluten free mind you) while I'm asking that question...Is it just me or does your mind work like that too?

Listen, we all want to eat well, look good, feel awesome, and perform amazingly. But even with the abundance of information available to us I still am not sure what is THE healthiest way to eat. Is it vegetarian? is it paleo? Is it a shake in the morning? When I go online, I find hundreds of different (and even opposing) recommended ways of eating that all say...this is it! This is the healthiest diet for you! 

More often than not with my patients, I find that our diet is the most potent tool we have in our control that will create more health and vitality. The problem is changing our diet can be one of the hardest things to do.

That is why I invited Antanas, our resident nourishment expert, to speak about his take on it all and help us answer the fundamental question: How can I best nourish myself? 

If you are interested in attending Antanas'  talk this coming Saturday please let us know. All the details are below in the workshop section! Also for a little more on Antanas read his recent blog post.

Hope to see you soon!

p.s. Jenni Kay wanted me to let you know that her mindfulness program will now start next week due to the snow. She has 1 spot open if anyone is interested. For more info please contact Jenni Kay!

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