Yoga Nidra, or "Yogic Sleep", is a practice that allows the body to become deeply relaxed (as though it is asleep) while the mind, (though relaxed) remains aware and attentive.  A full Yoga Nidra practice consists of eight stages: entry, intention setting, body scan, breath awareness, sense perception, visualization, repetition of intention, and return.  During the first stage, entry, the student lays down in a comfortable position, with their back against the floor.  Blankets may be used to increase comfort and support.  Arms rest against the floor by the sides of the body with the palms facing the ceiling.  Feet are relaxed and rest agains the floor.  The student remains in this position – which is often referred to as savasana

– for the remainder of the practice.  The practitioner

uses their voice to guide

the student through each of the eight stages and

into deep relaxation

Yoga Nidra is incredibly effective at

curing insomnia


healing the nervous system

from chronic anxiety, stress, and the effects of depression.  Through the practice, the student's brain waves naturally

shift from Beta (active) to Theta (restful)

allowing the brain respite from incessant thinking.  This in turn, allows the nervous system to relax and switch from fight/flight/freeze mode to the parasympathetic process of resting and settling.  

The only thing required of the student is that they lay still... so many benefits and the practice itself is, literally, relaxing! 

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