With Page Buck

Starting a new practice or wellness routine can be challenging. We don’t want to be embarrassed by not knowing the terms or the “proper” way to do things. Sometimes, we don’t even know what to wear!


At Village Wellness, we recognize that this can be particularly true in yoga. Walking into a yoga studio for the first time can be intimidating, especially when everyone already seems to know what they are doing, where to put their mats and what “props” are.

If you are looking for a fun and relaxed introduction to yoga, please join us for a Beginner’s Workshop where, together, we will go over some of the basic postures, like Easy Pose, Cobbler’s Pose, the Warrior Series, Sun Salutations and more poses you’re likely to find in any contemporary yoga class. We’ll help you recognize some of the common terms that you’ll find teachers - and other students - using. You’ll learn why we practice some of the things we practice as well as what to expect when coming into a studio.

There will also be plenty of time left over to answer questions or concerns you may have about attending your first yoga class - either at Village Yoga or anywhere else.

When? Saturday, October 21st from 2-4pm
Cost: $40 includes 2 free weekly yoga classes at Village Yoga!
RSVP: Please use the book now button below to reserve your spot – pay at the door