The Art of Shamanic Journeying

The Art of Shamanic Journeying

With Stephanie Moore, Shamanic Practitioner

This workshop is an introduction to the ancient art of shamanic journey. We will use anthropologist, Micheal Harner's method of journeying to guide our experience. Come find out what our ancestors have known for centuries- discover the magic and healing of the worlds within you, waiting to be discovered.

We will take time to prepare for our journey by discussing the necessary steps, Q&A, and centering together. Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and for working through personal issues. Once we begin, Stephanie and David will drum and hold sacred ceremony space as you journey. This workshop and journey circle is open to all people of all backgrounds and all experiences.

When? 7:00-9:00 PM
Cost: $35.

Note: We do not ask that you pay up-font, but there will be a waiting list for this class. So please be sure you can come if you register

To register Day of - give us a ring at 610-203-3747

The Power of Ritual in Healing & Wellness - Free Talk

The Power of Ritual in Healing & Wellness - Free Talk

Village Wellness Talks
Free Lecture Series

Come learn from the best Holistic Health Care Providers in the Philadelphia area. 

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The Power of Ritual in Healing & Wellness

With Stu Snyder
Craniosacral Therapist


Our busy and hectic lives lead us into a cycle of chasing the next cool thing or being afraid of missing the next cool thing. This has caused us to leave ritual behind. However, the repetition and community are primary drivers in reducing our stress and anxiety.

In this talk, we will cover some of the ways rituals help sooth and ease the mind. We'll share ways you can easily add ritual into your life. Sure, fire dancing at midnight under a full moon is great! ... but the power of ritual can be found in much smaller service.

LOCATION: Village Wellness. 6 Waterloo Avenue, Berwyn, PA 19312

COST: free

RSVP: Though this talk is free, space is limited, please reserve your space below.
Kindly give us 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend. Thanks! 

Shift Your Reality - 4 part series

Shift Your Reality - 4 part series

Shift Your Reality with Stu Snyder

Create the profound and lasting change you need to develop the life you desire. A 4 part series using ancient ceremony, meditation, and community to create transformation into your higher self. Let go of the past, create your vision, and settle into your higher self.

  • Cleansing Ceremony: Release the negative spirits holding you back
  • Manifesting Meditation: Create + prepare for your new future
  • Heart Sync Meditation: Bind the energy of the group to the intention for the year
  • Develop Agni: Discriminate past energetic patterns (stuckness) to create flow + new habits

Part 1: Uses a traditional tribal ceremony and an ancient practice to cleanse the spirit and the soul.

Tobacco ceremony (no smoking) releases the negative spirits from their attachment to your spirit
Candle gazing cleans the impurities from the lens we look at the world through

Part 2: Use an exercise to discern what you truly want and a meditation to manifest that desire to creation

Instruction and self work creates a focus vision of the future
Manifestation meditation practice culminates energy to create your desire

Part 3: Uses a group meditation and a group exercise to create abundant love around your transformation

Heart Sync Meditation binds the energy of the group making the sum of our energy greater than the sum of each individual
Alternate Heart Connection exercise draws the group energy into the individual spirit without removing from the whole

Part 4: Uses reflection to understand how we build what we didn’t like and instruction to keep focus on what we’ve created

Instruction about where energy is likely stuck in you and ways to keep that energy flowing so you don’t return to your past.

BONUS: Jamu Ceremony to seal our transformation

Jamu is a Balinese elixir based in traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine. We’ll use this tonic in a soft reflective ceremony to acknowledge the past and embody the future self.

Student testimonials

"This is going to be really catalytic for people. Even with my daily practice it is creating a nice structure for me to focus on what I want."
"After the first ceremony, I felt so much lighter. Like a weight had been lifted."
"I had no idea what to expect. My reality has shifted for sure and when it starts to creep back to the old reality, I have tools to shift back again."
"I’m really glad I committed to this series."

More About the Series

When? Thursdays in April. (5,12,19,26) 7:30-8:30 pm

$65 in advance for all 4 sessions - Pre-Pay with Paypal

$80 at the door 

Please Pre-pay OR Register Below



Laughter Yoga - Laugh for the Health of It!

Laughter Yoga - Laugh for the Health of It!

Village Wellness (map)

With Mary Mayer, Registered Yoga Teacher, Laughter Wellness Yoga Coach

We have all heard the phrase "Laughter is the best medicine". Come deeply heal! Laughter Yoga isn't "yoga" in the traditional sense. In fact, we also call this practice "Laughter Wellness". There are no yoga poses involved and we don't tell jokes! We use playfulness to engage the group in shared laughter and combine that with breathing, gentle movement and mindfulness.

Founded by an Indian physician in 1995, the laughter yoga movement seeks to promote the profound psychological and physiological benefits of laughter. 

Laughter Yoga is a complete well-being workout that combines unconditional laughter with yoga breathing and gentle movement. This practice is suitable for all physical abilities. You don’t need to be flexible or funny. You just need a sincere desire to laugh more and feel better!

Laughter Yoga is simple yet profound. It has been scientifically proven that laughing can relieve depression and anxiety, increase the efficiency of your lungs, heart and immune system and reduce pain. Come experience the wonderful benefits!

Cost: $15 or $10 each with friend

Time: Sunday 2-3pm

Laughter Yoga in the News! 

 - this CNN video! 'Why Faking Laughter is good for you' with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

 - Huffington Post: I Tried Laughter Yoga And It Actually Made Me Happier

What our students are saying:

"I enter the class stressed and leave relaxed and happy.  Her creative visualizations work
almost immediately.  Her voice is calm, relaxing and soothing. Mary is amazing! 
I highly recommend, "Laughing Yoga" to all who want to place joy back into their
- Arleen

"Laughter yoga is a unique experience that anyone will enjoy. It allows you to tap into that "child-like" essence of yourself that can easily get lost. Mary is a wonderful yoga teacher and brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to the class. I highly recommend taking a class with her!"

"I loved the location, and Mary is a fantastic yoga teacher. It was light-hearted and fun, not intimidating. It was a nice format by which we got to meet others and talk with them, whereas in a formal yoga class you won't really talk to others."- Stephanie Fortunato

"I liked that the laughter fed off of other people - regular yoga seems individual - more of a group with this program. Also, I don't need a fancy pants mat and rope for this program. I liked doing the HOOKY POKEY ! and laughing with imaginary phone.
It's hard to be depressed when you are laughing so hard you are going to pee your pants."
-David Gerbstadt

Free Meditation Circle

Free Meditation Circle

Join us for an hour of bliss, expansion, and non-duality. 

  • Community led meditations

  • Free to attend

  • Open to everyone.

LOCATION: Village Wellness. 6 Waterloo Avenue, Berwyn, PA 19312

COST: free

RSVP: Though this talk is free, space is limited, please reserve your space below.

Kindly give us 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend. Thanks! 

DIY GuaSha Facial! Learn how to improve your skin's complexion - Free Class

DIY GuaSha Facial! Learn how to improve your skin's complexion - Free Class

Village Wellness Talks
Free Lecture Series

Come learn from the best Holistic Health Care Providers in the Philadelphia area. 

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DIY GuaSha Facial

With Courtney St. John
Licensed Holistic Esthetician


Learn about this ancient Chinese practice and all it has to offer your beauty routine.

Touted as the "Eastern facelift" gua sha has recently become popular in spas across the world and for good reason!

The holistic benefits to your skin are almost too many to list but a few among them are increased elasticity, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, increased radiance, and improved blemishes and blotchiness.

Come learn some of the basics of gua sha and how to keep the channels of healing and health open in your face and neck...your face will thank you!

LOCATION: Village Wellness. 6 Waterloo Avenue, Berwyn, PA 19312

COST: free

RSVP: Though this talk is free, space is limited, please reserve your space below.
Kindly give us 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend. Thanks! 

MAY The FOURTH be with you!  Full Moon  Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing Journey with the Gong

MAY The FOURTH be with you! Full Moon Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing Journey with the Gong

With Lance Isakov, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

sound healing super moon

DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY! Join Us for this SPECIAL Kundalini Yoga & Healing Session CELEBRATING the power of the Full Moon

The first half of the class is dedicated to opening, stretching, expanding and raising our energy through Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork. During the second half of the class laying in Shivasna (corpse pose) or sitting in meditation, you will bliss out and touch the infinite as you bathe in the AMAZING universal vibrations of the GONG!!!

This class is open to everyone and absolute beginners are encouraged to attend!

Please note that this can be a very powerful experience, if you have questions please call Lance at (610) 203-3747. Dress comfortably and bring a mat/towel and blanket. 

Cost: $25 or $20 (bring a friend rate) 

Booking Notes:

  • Class size is limited and this class usually sells out. 
  • If you are bringing a friend, they need to register as well.
  • You will pay at the door
  • There is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy with a $25 fee for late cancellations or no-shows.

For Last minute sign ups (less than 12 hours) OR if the class if full email to register or be put on the waiting list! otherwise sign up below:

What our students are saying about the journey

I left last night's group feeling lighter and brighter. The experience of the sound meditation is one I would recommend to people who'd like to nurture themselves on a very deep level. It's like pushing the "reset" button on your operating system!  - Jane, Berwyn, PA

I find Gong Meditation fascinating. Lance is a gifted musician. The sounds that he is able to get from this instrument defy explanation. For me, it makes time seem to stand still. Afterwards I feel as though my brain has been massaged. I feel clearer and more centered. - Mary, Berwyn

1 year Five Part Shamanic Apprenticeship – Philadelphia 2018-2019

1 year Five Part Shamanic Apprenticeship – Philadelphia 2018-2019

Year long
The 5 Part Shamanic Apprenticeship Series

with Thomas Mock
Sanctioned Shamanic Teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition
Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal

You are invited on a journey to . . .

shamanic apprenticeship Philadelphia
  • Receive personal healing: Participants will be guided in the use of time-honored Peruvian shamanic rituals and ceremony to serve as a catalyst for this healing.

  • Learn how to create your own Mesa, a sacred altar for self-exploration, empowerment and transformation.

  • Cultivate a relationship with the unseen world and discover your personal guide(s) who will help you “re-member” on your new path of expanding possibilities.

1 Year, 5 Part Shamanic Apprenticeship 2018-2019

This five part initiation into the living heart and ancestral soul of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is intended to awaken in every participant who completes the program a remembrance of their incarnational purpose as luminous strands of the Great Web of Life in service to the Seven Generations

Part 1: A Call to Heal: Releasing the Past
Friday, July 13 – Sunday, July 15 2018

Part 2: A Balance of Power: Transforming the Present
Friday, October 12 – Sunday, October 14 2018

Part 3: Friday, January 11 – Sunday, January 13 2019
The Condor’s Quest:
Creating the Future

Part 4: Friday, April 19 – Sunday, April 21 2019
The Hummingbird’s Ascent:
Living the Mystery

Part 5: Friday, July 19 – Sunday, July 21 2019
The Shamanic Self:
Serving the Earth



Thomas creates and maintains a safe and sacred space to explore aspects of the self in relation to unseen forces with uncanny perception and senstivity.
— Apprentice: Michael Gaylor, MD
The PMT apprenticeship was life changing with many beautiful blessings. Thomas had his fingers on my pulse throughout our work together. Wish I could do it again!
— Melissa

Weekend Schedule:

Friday night: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM- NOON


Held at a beautiful Private Residence
n the Schuylkill Valley Nature Center
Philadelphia, PA (Address available upon registration)

Pricing and Payment Options:

Pricing below is for the full 5 Part Apprenticeship.

Option 1: Full payment of $1,500 due one month before first class begins: 

Option 2:  Pay as you go
via check, cash or paypal with each payment due one month prior to each scheduled weekend.  
$400/weekend for total 5 weekend series.  

For Questions: Contact Amy at (443) 955-2211 or email


Shamanic Apprenticeship
from 100.00


$100 Non-refundable deposit to hold your space for the apprenticeship 

$400 for weekend 1 only  (pay as you go option)

$1500 for full apprenticeship (saving $500)

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About Thomas Mock

Thomas Mock was initiated into Lakota healing practices in 1984 and in 1989 into West African Yoruba practices, completing several levels of apprenticeship towards priesthood. He began training with Oscar Miro-Quesada in 1999, completing his level four apprenticeship in 2007. Thomas was the first Executive Director employed by the Heart of the HealerFoundation where he helped guide THOTH towards its current vision of service work in the world. Thomas has worked as a psychotherapist (LCSW) for over 30 years. In 2005 he was honored with a National recognition award by the RWJF as one of the nation’s 10 top Community Health Leaders.