Facilitated by Laura Kellogg

Deepen your intuitive awareness at this Sound Healing Event, tap into the power of intention with sacred sound healing to open the doors of higher perception in your own life.   

Cost: $25.00 or bring a friend for $20.00 for each! Pay at the door.

When? Upcoming Dates:
October 13th 7:00-8:30 PM

Biography: Laura brings synergy to the latest developments in scientific theory of quantum physio-spiritual healing, the use of sound, and the sacred.  Coming from a scientific background (BS, MA, Geology), with two decades of studying earth sciences and renewable energy and a lifelong interest in spiritual development and music, she uses the sacred sound of the crystal bowls, and Sanskrit chant along with the use of affirmation and intention to access the quantum realm and promote/catalyze healing.  Laura is completing her certificate of sound healing at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing, and has completed training in Journey Dancing, a form of healing and empowerment through conscious dance/movement.  A few of Laura’s influences are: The Globe Institute (Sound Healing), Journey Dancing (conscious movement), Dead Sea Scrolls, The Emerald Tablets, Astrology, Mythology, Sacred Geometry, Crystallography, Rudolph Steiner, Hermes Trismegistus, Quan Yin, Christ Consciousness, Female and Male Indian Deities, additional Ascended Masters.