• Private Residence (map)
  • Malvern, PA 19355

This is a hands-on interactive workshop where we will go deeper into the exploration of the relationship between eating, feeling and being -- and how compassion and awareness can illuminate our journey to better know ourselves, our bodies and relationship to food.

Antanas will be sharing helpful tips to navigate your inner world of emotions in relationship to food and eating; along with providing resources and practical   demonstrations that help awaken ingredients to increase nutrition in the outer world of food and eating -- all this, to make it more satisfying for the belly and the brain.

During this hands-on workshop we will:

  • STEP OUT of the craziness of diets, food fads
  • EXPLORE the root of true hunger
  • LEARN about Deep Nourishment
  • DISCOVER ways to satisfy the underlying cravings for connection, self-awareness, ease, and joy.
  • AND learn how to MAKE and TASTE nourishing == delicious AND healthy - food! 

Together we will step out of the craziness of diets, and food fads -  and begin to TASTE what we are really hungering for:  Connection, Self-knowing, Ease, Joy....and Deep Nourishment. 

Read Antanas' Blog: FOOD and EATING: AWARENESS & COMPASSION - the most important ingredients on your plate

Date: saturday september 23; 2-5.30

Location: Because we will be actually cooking and the Village Wellness kitchen is TINY, this workshop will be held at a private residence in Malvern. Address will be sent after registration. 

Cost: $75. All cooking supplies and food included!

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Antanas has decades of experience working with disordered eating, body images issues and has worked hard to address and understand his own relationship to addiction, pain and powerlessness. He's still working on the powerlessness thing. ;)

if you're ready to find some freedom in your relationship to food and yourself, come on down and bring a friend!

Space is limited so please RSVP below <3