Join us to honor this magnificent time of year as we pause in the balance before welcoming the dark. The energies of the Full Moon will amplify the experience of this precious time and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition will provide a framework for us to dive deep into What Is through SONG, DANCE, and RITUAL.

The Equinox means equal hours of daylight and darkness of night.

If that were a poem, we would understand it as equal expression of Light and Dark.

If that were a movie, we would understand it as equal experience of Ecstasy and Horror.

From the inimitable Mary Oliver: 
Now are the rough things smooth, and the smooth things stand in flickering slats, facing the slow tarnish of sun-fall. Summer is over, or nearly. And therefore the green is not green anymore but yellow, beige, russet, rust; all the darknesses are beginning to settle in. And therefore why pray to permanence, why not pray to impermanence, to change, to – whatever comes next.


  • a drum or other sound maker
  • something to sit on
  • a sacred item to contribute to the community altar (will return home with you curiosity
  • If you like, it’s traditional to wear black on the top and white on the bottom. If that doesn’t move you, wear something that does.

Location: On Hagys Mill Road, Philadelphia PA 19128 (Schuylkill Valley Nature Center) Private Residence - GPS won't get you there. (Directions will be sent once you register)

Donation: $20 


About Amy Mermaid


Amy Mermaid Isakov is a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier as taught by don Oscar Miro-Quesada and is passionate about spirituality, music, art, and how the Divine can manifest in all its forms. Having left the traditional education path, she has studied in-depth with shamans, bodyworkers, thought-leaders, and green builders. She finds herself blessed and grateful to be of service at The Shift Network as a course manager and to the greater Shift in our Collective Consciousness. When not on the computer, she takes her shoes off and lets the Earth sing her songs.

Some pictures from our Summer Solstice & Mugwort harvest event