Shift Your Reality with Stu Snyder

Create the profound and lasting change you need to develop the life you desire. A 4 part series using ancient ceremony, meditation, and community to create transformation into your higher self. Let go of the past, create your vision, and settle into your higher frequency.

  • Cleansing Ceremony: Release the negative spirits holding you back

  • Manifesting Meditation: Create + prepare for your new future

  • Heart Sync Meditation: Bind the energy of the group to the intention for the year

  • Develop Agni: Discriminate past energetic patterns (stuckness) to create flow + new habits

Part 1: Uses a traditional tribal ceremony and an ancient practice to cleanse the spirit and the soul.

Tobacco ceremony (no smoking) releases the negative spirits from their attachment to your spirit
Candle gazing cleans the impurities from the lens we look at the world through

Part 2: Use an exercise to discern what you truly want and a meditation to manifest that desire to creation

Instruction and self work creates a focus vision of the future
Manifestation meditation practice culminates energy to create your desire

Part 3: Uses a group meditation and a group exercise to create abundant love around your transformation

Heart Sync Meditation binds the energy of the group making the sum of our energy greater than the sum of each individual
Alternate Heart Connection exercise draws the group energy into the individual spirit without removing from the whole

Part 4: Uses reflection to understand how we build what we didn’t like and instruction to keep focus on what we’ve created

Instruction about where energy is likely stuck in you and ways to keep that energy flowing so you don’t return to your past.

BONUS: Jamu Ceremony to seal our transformation

Jamu is a Balinese elixir based in traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine. We’ll use this tonic in a soft reflective ceremony to acknowledge the past and embody the future self.

Student testimonials

"This is going to be really catalytic for people. Even with my daily practice it is creating a nice structure for me to focus on what I want."

"After the first ceremony, I felt so much lighter. Like a weight had been lifted."

"I had no idea what to expect. My reality has shifted for sure and when it starts to creep back to the old reality, I have tools to shift back again."

"I’m really glad I committed to this series."

More About the Series

Thursdays Jan 3, 10, 17, 24.
7:30-8:30 pm

$70 in advance for all 4 sessions - Pre-Pay with Paypal
$85 at the door 

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