Join us for this virtual Tele-class (over the phone) Series! 
Damini's Whale-ness journeys are designed specifically to help us access our still, deep, wide, ancient, and playful Self.  

Three guided journeys to know that playful, big-hearted and expansive part of yourself.

Journeys are on MONDAYS from 8:30-9:30 pm on the following dates: 

JUNE 6th - Journey ONE: Body First we start with aligning your body to the possible of transformation, by bringing you to your body and breath.

JUNE 13th - Journey TWO: Energy - Taking your body with you as you invite the energy of Whale to move through you, bringing what you are sensing out onto paper and into the world.

JUNE 20th  -Journey THREE: Spirit - Now taking your Body and Feelings with you on a Journey to meet Whale. To BE Whale. To learn about your inner Whale-ness for transformation.

Cost: $36.00. use the coupon code: "VILLAGELUV" for discount at checkout!

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