With Stu Snyder

This is a special yoga class being hosted before the popup beer garden at La Cabra.

This all-levels class is designed to awaken and balance our energy body. We'll combine dynamic movements with still postures to affect the 7 main awareness spaces in the body. A small breath practice and meditation will be added to use the energy from the class effectively.

After practice, if you're interested, we'll take a walk down to La Cabra brewing and spend some time communing at their popup beer garden hosting 9 local breweries and a cidery. More info on the La Cabra event: http://www.lacabrabrewing.com/events/suburban-love-beer-garden-2018

TIME: Sunday June 10th - 1-2 PM
LOCATION: Yoga @ Village Wellness, Beer afterwards at La Cabra
COST: $15 for Yoga

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