Sue King

Certified Hypnotist, Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist, Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Homeopath, Beekeeper

  • Co -creator  Woman Wisdom ⓡ Training Series 1989-2005

  • Co -Owner Heart of the Goddess Center 1990- 2005

  • Author Sacred Animal Wisdom, A Handbook for the Human Heart, Book and CD

I grew up in rural southeastern PA with parents who revered their land and animals, raised organic  fruits and vegetables, and kept honeybees.  Even with my beautiful quarter horse, Molly, fun friends, and a happy life, I searched for the pieces that felt missing. There was something more that I wasn’t being told or taught in school.

Fortunately, my mom shared the desire to know what lay beyond the illusions of our cultural limits. When I was 14 she told me about reincarnation. Past lives made perfect sense to me, and helped explain where we had come from and where we would return.

After college, I taught high school English, married my college sweetheart and had 2 beautiful daughters. They arrived without an instruction manual. We grew organic fruits and vegetables,  and spent much time outside in the garden and with our many animals developing a deep relationship with Earth. Nature was always reliable to be teacher and spiritual foundation.

 I pursued my interest in nutrition according to Weston Price, studied and practiced homeopathy for the next 30 years, grew herbs,  learned color healing, yoga, studied with Native American wisdom keepers, and the teachings of Edgar Cayce.     

When our girls entered college I turned down an  offer to go back to the traditional classroom and pursued the path of my heart. A friend, Hemitra, and I created a six weekend program for women. Earth based spirituality, study of the goddess traditions and women’s history invited women to value their feminine nature and reclaim their inner divinity. For those 6 weekends over the 9 months of our program we broke free of outside codes and lived the wisdom of our ancient ancestors. We walked wooded trails and flowered meadow to find plants for food and medicine, made healing salves and tinctures, ate vital wild foods, and communicated our love and gratitude with the land and beings around us. We traveled to past lives, danced, sang, built fires and drummed in our power animals.  The women  experienced their own deep intuition and direct relationship with the intelligence of earthly things.

From 1990 to 2005 I co-owned a holistic center and unique gift shop, Heart of the Goddess,  where we invited authors and workshop leaders to present personal enrichment programs and trainings that would appeal to men and women who sought inner freedom and healing beyond convention.  Classes varied from shamanism, goddess history, yoga, alternative healing practices and trainings, past lives, Feng Shui, Permaculture, Native American wisdom, drumming and more.

As I delved into past life regression over the years, I began to learn the patterns of my soul. My intuition developed  and for a period of time, I spontaneously remembered many past lives. The movies that played in my head showed glimpses of survival in the Sahara desert, a life as a  Victorian woman,  multiple lives as Native American and Egyptian.  The show went on as rich and poor, male and female -all over the globe.

The past life memories helped me make changes and moved my life forward in many ways. I sourced my patterns of fear and clarified my purpose in this lifetime. I was able to witness my journey and the journey of loved ones with more compassion and understanding.

I am grateful  for the opportunity to be a part of  Village Wellness, a heart centered oasis with skilled practitioners who care. It’s my privilege to assist you with hypnosis or past lives to create lasting changes and bring more happiness and freedom to your life.  

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