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I’ve been thinking about some patients who are going through very challenging times.  The question is how can we be as graceful as possible with those times that really push us to our edge?

3 SIMPLE ways to be more mindfulness in challenging situations!

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply the state of being aware or focusing your awareness on the present moment.  This sounds so easy, but when we are faced with these challenges it is sooooo difficult. Here are 3 techniques that will help!

1. Take 3 Bellow Breaths - This is a powerful deep breath! 
Relax your shoulders and take a few deep, full breaths from your abdomen. Exhale powerfully through your nose, followed by deep inhalation by relaxing your belly open. Breathe entirely from your diaphragm, keeping your head, neck, shoulders, and chest relatively still while your belly moves in and out. 

2. Hug someone or yourself! - Here’s the shocking truth: hugs boost our happiness levels. And scientific research is there to show this. Basically, a good hug is the fastest way for you to get oxytocin flowing in your body. Oxytocin, also known as the “love drug”, calms your nervous system and boosts positive emotions. Here’s how a good hug resulting in oxytocin flow affects you: It lowers your blood pressure, especially helpful if you’re feeling anxious. It lowers your cortisol (the stress hormone), enabling a higher quality of sleep. It can increase your social connections and a sense of belonging. * from the happyologist.co.uk

3. Be Creative or Solve a Puzzle! - Being creative or solving a puzzle will help you stay focused and centered on the momentGrab some paper, markers, or crayons!! Color in your grown up coloring book or solve a Rubix cube (i just learned how to do this btw- - very meditative!!) 

Each of these simple acts will help you be more present, more mindful and will create more grace in challenging situations. 
But don't take my word for it! TRY IT OUT!

Hope it helps!!!

Lots of love,

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