Here are 4 ideas that can help us stay in the flow: 

1. Listen to our body - if I'm tired, I sleep/nap - I know, I know you hear me say it all the time- but i think its the most import thing we can do! Do you know that most of us actually need more sleep in the winter - its biology - think about it - we have had electric lights for less than 200 years - we've been around for about 300,000 - before electric light it was common to go to sleep soon after sunset and arise after sunrise - this means more sleep in winter (like 10 hours) and less in summer (like 7 hours). 

2. Meditate. The letting go and stillness present in nature makes this a great time of year to get good at sitting still.  If you’ve been thinking about starting or restarting a meditation practice, now is an auspicious time. There are so many benefits to this simple practice and I really want as many people as possible to get support in meditation.  I have a  10 day downloadable meditation course that a lot of people seem to have gotten some real value out of, check it out if you haven’t yet! I’m proud of it.

3, Be Consciously more Grateful. Again no better time for gratitude than Thanksgiving right? - Spend 5 minutes EVERY day this week immersed in the feeling (real or made-up) of deep gratitude. Try it before you check your email in the morning from you phone in bed. If you’re like me an you use your phone (set to airplane mode) as your clock by your bed, set your lock screen to the word gratitude***. Then when you check the time when you wake up, You’ll be reminded to just close your eyes for a few more minutes and be curious about how much gratitude you might be capable of. Even Oprah raves about it.  =) 

***see below for an image you can use

4. Adopt a Spirit of Generosity Year Round: Ok, this one takes some planning for it to be applicable right now, but what would it look like if you sincerely adopted an outlook on the world that moved through goodness.  Practically speaking, if I see something that I think would be a great present for a friend, I just get it. And then SURPRISE! I just gift it to them! It’s also wonderful to be on the receiving end of this phenomenon. I feel like gifts are about appreciation -  and the Birthdays or the holiday season doesn’t have to be a contrived moment of generosity.  

Thank you so much for being part of our little community

With love and appreciation,