• Sometimes it is hard to feel our passion for what we do in life or it is hard to muster the will to make the important changes that will bring us and others profound joy.
  • Use the '7 Whys' exercise to uncover your underlying purpose and passion
  • To Do: 
    • Pick an area of your life that you want to create, enhance, or evolve.
      • example: "I want to live each day to its fullest!"
    • Ask yourself "Why do I want to live each day to its fullest? and answer honestly.
    • after each questions continue to ask "Why?" until you have completed 7 cycles. 
  • At some point you will begin to uncover the underlying passions, you may feel this emotionally and/or you may feel a renewed sense of energy .


  • Take a few moments to practice the "7 Whys" exercise. Notice the results.
  • Please share your thoughts and learnings with me via email or through our holistic Wellness facebook group.

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