I hope you are keeping cool on this sweltering day!

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Did you know that in Chinese Medicine, Watermelon is an herbal remedy for too much heat in the body?! 

It rehydrates, refills electrolytes, cools the system, and promotes urination. Watermelon also calms the spirit and can help with anxiety! PLUS its delicious! Hint: The best watermelons sound hollow when knocked on! 

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Speaking of cool, we are so happy to welcome our new Holistic Psychotherapist, Dr. Page Buck, to The Village Wellness practice.

Page is now accepting new Holistic Psychotherapy & Wellness Partnering clients on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you know anyone who may benefit from this work, please share. Page is one of the most experienced and deeply caring holistically-minded therapists in Philadelphia. LEARN MORE

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Page is going to also be part of our spectacular NEW team of Yoga teachers that will be forming VILLAGE YOGA. Page will be joining Stewart SnyderMary Mayer, and Amy Gordon of Amy's Yoga with A Heart to offer yoga classes in Berwyn. Our schedule starts in Mid-August with 5 weekly classes! Our class size will be limited so if you are interested, we are encouraging folks to sign up in advance!  LEARN MORE

Lastly, I want to thank our fans [Seriously!! Thank you guys sooo much!!] for choosing Village Wellness for Best Holistic Medicine on the Mainline 2017. We feel so honored to have been chosen!

Thank you for your continued support!!!
Much love,

Lance Isakov, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., CYT
Village Wellness. a little healing oasis on the main line.
(610) 203-3747

P.S. Just a gentle reminder to patients booking evening appointments, please feel free to schedule a few weeks ahead as those spots are filling up quickly. Thanks!


Other announcements: 

  • NEW! Holistic Psychotherapy & Wellness Partnering with the deeply skilled Dr. Page Buck. Wellness is a lifelong journey that often ebbs and flows through the stages and phases of life. The paths we take to sustain wellness evolve as life commitments change, as health needs arise, and as healing practices emerge...Read More.
  • NEW! Acupuncture Facials! These mini-cosmetic sessions are aimed at preserving the face, brining color to the face, and brightening the eyes! Perfect for getting reading for a special occasion! Learn More.
  • $35 Community Acupuncture happens Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Scheduling last minute? call us at 610-203-3747. Don't forget your "frequent flyer" card and get your 11th session for free!