Hi Everyone!

It's the perfect time of year to do a cleanse and lighten your load. A cleanse doesnt have to be fancy and expensive with supplements and special drinks. You can just simplify your diet and focus on whole, unprocessed foods.

So here is what WE are going to do. Starting Sunday April 24th and ending Monday May 2nd lets gather as a community (virtual) and do a simple cleanse all together. Its FREE, EASY and only has 1 RULE! 

The ONE rule is:

For 9 days eat ONLY unprocessed (organic if possible) real foods.

That means eating plenty of fresh/cooked/juiced vegetables, nuts, fruit, coconut or olive oil, wild caught fish, grass fed (unprocessed) meat. For vegetarians please include properly prepared legumes, beans, and grains. If buying packaged foods, make sure there are at most 2 ingredients.

I will send out daily emails with tips, recipes, and ideas. 

If you wish to register for this, sign up below! 

Are you with us? (Register Below - I will be sending out the first prep email Friday 22nd!)

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