Conversations with Land : Photo-Journey
With Damini Celebre, M.Ac., L.OM, Dipl. Ac.

utumn starts November 7 to the 18th.

This workshop will allow you to connect deeply again with Nature.
We will step beyond everyday, mundane, ordinary reality, and move back to the Sacred moments of life.

You will have the opportunity to join me and an amazing community for 10 days in each of the five seasons for a virtual workshop that explores your connection with the Web Of Life.

Each season includes:
a recording where we will gather our virtual community together and introduce the season we are presently experiencing. Then we’ll do a ten-day photo-journey using our imaginations and our phone cameras - weekdays only, with weekends off - to explore our connection with the Web Of Life.

For ten days in a Season you will receive:
A daily journal prompt in your inbox that will invite you connect and align with The Web of Life. You’ll continue your day while holding that morning prompt as a guide and a blessing, and record what you experience using your phone camera. Share. Post your photo-portraits of the Web of Life in our community on Facebook.

Be free. Be creative. There’s no judgment here.

What’s the Web of Life?

As we walk through the world, we are walking through a living being. Earth. Nature. Water, Rock, Plant, Air, Sun, Moon— everything is alive and has Spirit— this is the Web Of Life. Our busy world of schedules, technology and comfortable modern housing make it easy to lose our connection with the Web Of Life. Connect back.

Our ancestors lived in close relationship with Nature. They knew that we are all One with the natural elements of the universe. Medicine people, or shamans, of prehistory were the community healers.
They made art to celebrate our connection with the Spirit that Lives in All Things.

Now it’s your turn

• Use your camera photo or any digital camera you have.

• Share your photo-journeys of the Web of Life with our community.

• Allow your portraits to heal our Planet and allow others to remember that we are all One.

• Most importantly, have fun! Rediscover your inner self who likes to play in the great outdoors, who appreciates beauty in all its myriad forms.

Be One: Connect. Explore. Share.

Cost: $18. Use the code: VILLAGELUV at checkout for a discount!

*If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, check back in in a few months, I am hoping to have an option for you to join in shortly.