This is a beginners class. The original Energy 101 curriculum, but with added time to go deeper, process and own the lessons.

Energy Medicine 101 was such a success, but it only just skimmed the surface.  In addition I noticed that folks needed more time to ground and embody the practices taught; inaddtions they wanted more time to talk about their experiences. So I am offering the class again, and taking each section a bit deeper. Now each topic: Filling Up, Protection and Clearing Out will now have two sessions each, plus aQ+A session to wrap up this Energy Medicine series.

"Simply, I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the class and your calm/gentle approach." a 2016 workshop participate.

Would you like to feel: clear, healthy, productive, creative, unencumbered, grounded, centered, connected?

In addition to our physical body systems: flesh, bones, nerves, and blood, to name a few.  We also have systems in our bodies that are unseen, but felt, called the subtle energy systems These energy systems generate the movement of our bodies, inspire our minds, and excite our senses.


We talk about energy all the time, “I am full of energy,” or, “I am drained of energy”, but we aren't taught how to replenish and maintain our energy selves.


 This series is designed to teach you how to fill up, do some much-needed spring cleaning and teach you how to create a protective bubble around you when you are feeling vulnerable. 


Online/Phone with Damini Celebre

Class 1- Filling up - This energy experience will explore your breath and how by softening and expanding your energy, you can be more centered in your heart.

Class 2- Protection. A simple exercise to strengthen your energy field that is around you, so you don't take on everyone else's stuff.

Class 3- Clearing out. We all exchange energy back and forth with folks all day long. The deeper the connection, the more we extend our energy to others. This class will teach you to clear out others people's stuff in your energy field. And get back all of your energy that you give others. 


Monday nights8pm - 9:00 pm (eastern)

Includes: Live audio* programs and a private online support group.

Filling Up Nov 7 +21, 2016 *** (please note date change)

Protection Dec 5 + 12, 2016

Cord Cutting Jan 9 + 16, 2017

Q+A  Jan 23, 2017

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