The most important ingredients that we can place in our mouths are actually not something you can cut with a knife or eat with a spoon.

Awareness and Compassion make any meal so much more digestible to your belly AND your psyche -- And we want to make sure we're feeding both whenever we sit down to the table!

This talk & support circle is an opportunity to: 

  • step out of the craziness of diets, food fads
  • learn about Deep Nourishment
  • explore the root of true hunger
  • learn ways to satisfy the underlying cravings of connection, self-awareness, ease, and joy.
Antanus Vainius

Antanas has decades of experience working with disordered eating, body images issues and has worked hard to address and understand his own relationship to addiction. 

if you're ready to find some freedom in your relationship to food and yourself, come on down and bring a friend!

Cost: $20 or $15 with a friend each. Space is limited so please RSVP below <3