shamanic journey philadelphia

This workshop is an introduction to the ancient art of shamanic journey. We will use Anthropologist,  Micheal Harner's method of journeying to guide
our experience. This is an opportunity to both learn and practice the art of shamanic journeying.  

We will explore journey work through an ancient and contemporary cultural lens with the intention to experience its profound benefits in our daily life. Come find out what our ancestors have known for centuries- discover the magic and healing of the worlds within you, awaiting to be found.

During the first half of the class, we will begin to explore the following questions: 

  • What is shamanic journeying?
  • Why do we shamanic journey?
  • How do we shamanic journey?
  • What can we hope to gain from a regular practice of shamanic journeying?

The second half of the workshop will be spent practicing your new
We will take a few moments to prepare for our journey by
drumming and breathing together. Once we begin, both myself and
another Shaman (David Shatley) will drum and hold sacred ceremony
space as you journey.

Directly following the journey we will take some time to write or reflect upon our individual journey experiences. This will conclude the workshop, however I'd like to invite those who are interested in sharing their experiences, or listening to others, to
stay an extra half hour for tea and group discussion.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop and journey circle is open to all people of all
backgrounds and  all experiences. Whether you are brand new to
shamanic journey or an advanced journeyer, there is always wisdom to
be gained as we revisit these ceremonies together. Learning and
relearning these ancient techniques and tools maintains the integrity
of the work and deepens the healing experience for everyone.

When? EVERY FIRST FRIDAY of the month from 7-9 PM
Cost: $35 or $30 with a friend

Upcoming: 7/7

Space will be limited so we can give each participant the highest level of attention. To Reserve your spot please use the button below. If there is no availability, for the date requested please email us to get on the waitlist - or book for the next class in the calendar

Note: We do not ask that you pay up-font, but there will be a waiting list for this class. So please be sure you can come if you register. We will charge a cancelation $35 for any last minute (non-emergency) Cancellations.