Join your fellow Wayne Family Wellness members and dive in to a FREE 10 day VIRTUAL challenge that will get you feeling Clear, Bright, Awake, Relaxed and maybe even help you drop some excess baggage ;)

Here is what we are going to do! 
Starting on July 15 and for 10 day STRAIGHT we will follow these 3 guidelines:

1. Every Day commit to drinking YOUR appropriate***(see below) amount of water.
2. Start your day with 24 oz of water before anything else**
3. Each day before sleep jot down* any differences you notice about how you feel.

WIN A PRIZE: After Day 10 submit your daily log to me at You will be entered into a raffle to win your choice of an Acupuncture Treatment or Therapeutic Massage!

***Formula to Calculate YOUR Appropriate Amount of Water:
Body Weight /2 = #of ounces of water to drink per day
ex. 150 lbs/2=75 oz of water

** You body is typically dehydrated by the time you wake up in the morning. Get your body hydrated first thing! You will have more energy and clarity from the get go.

* If you have a smart phone get the Daily Water (free) App and at day 10 send me your graph. OR use this Water Challenge Tracking PDF to track how you feel.

To participate please sign up here: