note: this will be a virtual (call-in) class due to the snow storm. Enjoy from the coziness of your own home =) - Dial-in information and worksheet will be emailed to you once you register!

With Jenna Murray,  
Holistic Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, & Nutrition Coach.
Jenna is one of our new practitioners! She will be offering Mindful Personal Training at Village Wellness!

Are you ready to make authentic and lasting changes in order for you to look, feel, and perform at your peak?

Break out of the box and into a new dimension of health, wellness,
fitness and weight loss for 2016!

Ever wonder how it is possible that the U.S leads the world both in
fitness and nutrition research and in obesity at the same time?

When did we stop hating our hips and move the scorn to our bellies?
What is all this buzz about "core" anyway?

Are 7 out of 10 kids really going to be obese before they turn 18?

If you are into health and fitness you have read these statistics.
What does all of it mean? And how on Earth do we get fit and healthy
when it's looking like these are things from the past?

Bring a notebook and pen to this interactive workshop.  We will not
only learn, but laugh and have a good time! (yes, even in spite of
these daunting statistics!)  If you are ready to get off of the
proverbial treadmill and create lasting, authentic changes in your
life, this workshop is for you!  Learn how to see through marketing
ploys and make 2016 the year that movement starts to feel like recess
again and eating well tastes like dining in France!

Cost is $20 and only $10 if you bring a friend.

Free Bonus!  Your registration includes a raffle ticket to win a free session with Jenna Murray, The Holistic Personal Trainer and Yoga Nutrition Coach.  Choose between a Holistic Personal Training Session or a Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork Session (assisted stretching and active
release technique for deep relaxation)