Have you ever experienced an instant connection with another person, or been magnetically drawn to a certain place to visit? We carry memories of our many lives, and receive clues about them often.

Who we are, the lives we touch, and our loved ones stay with us through time. Discover extraordinary details from past lives to live this life more fully.

Past life exploration can have life changing effects on your present life to:

  1. Receive relief from fears and anxieties

  2. Gain an understanding of your present life challenges

  3. Break patterns that have held you for centuries

  4. Understand relationships and create healthier patterns

  5. Move forward freely to fulfill your life’s purpose, realizing the eternal strength and resilience of your spirit

This past life regression workshop will lead you to lives perfectly selected by your subconscious mind. The easy gentle process uses a light hypnotic trance to guide you. During this process you are in complete control of your experience.

Join us for a fun and rewarding journey through time!

When? Come to one or both sessions!
Session 1 - March 23rd
Session 2 - April 6th

$40/ $35 each if you come with a friend!
Take both workshops, come for $75, bring a friend to both come for $65

Please Sign up and pre-pay using the link below. Payments will also be accepted at the door if needed.

***For day of booking or if the class is full (to get on waiting list) - send an email

About your instructor

Suzanne King - Homeopathy berwyn

Suzanne King is certified in Past Life Regression Therapy and a Board Certified Hypnotist.

She has extensive experience in past life regression and its bene9its.

Sue co-created the Woman Wisdom® Training Series in 1989 and was co-director of Heart of the Goddess, a holistic learning center, gift shop and wellness center in Berwyn, PA. She is author of the multi media CD + Book: Sacred Animal Wisdom: A Handbook for the Human Heart.