Join us for a 21 Day cleanse to improve your overall health and maybe even change your life!!!

We created our Restore Cleanse with 1 rule to experience  a healthier body, sharper mind, and restored spirit.

Our cleanse rule is simple: EAT REAL FOOD. We will give our body a break from from eating sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts, coffee and alcohol. We will only eat real foods and avoid anything packaged.

This cleanse helps to promote:

  • glowing skin

  • better sleep

  • improved digestion

  • more energy

  • healthy weight loss

  • mental clarity.

  • reduction in bloating,

  • less constipation,

  • reduction in headaches

  • relief of joint pain.

The 3 week Village Wellness cleanse includes:

  • 4 Weekly cheerleading & teaching sessions facilitated by Ellen Freudberg, Wellness Coach

  • Awesome cleanse guide and yummy recipes

  • $5 off open acupuncture sessions during the cleanse

  • After the Cleanse you will have access to our monthly ‘Eat To Live!’ support group

How it works

We will be eating just real, non-processed food for 21 days, starting Monday October 7th and ending October 26th

We will meet every week as a group on Saturdays from 10-11 :30am ( October 5th - intro and prep-, 12th, 19th, & 26th,). These groups will bring not only nutritional education but also group support and cheerleading) We are going to have fun!

You will also have the opportunity to receive weekly open acupuncture to assist you in feeling your best!

Cost: $40 or $35 each with a friend or when you pre-pay online!

If you would like to join us please RSVP below and if you have questions give us a ring at (610) 203-3747

How this cleanse helped one of our participants:

Most recently, I had my annual eye exam, I suffer from dry eyes, and in past 5 years have had a post-vitrous detachment (PVD) in one eye, and a small retinal bleed in the other eye. Both of these conditions are related to age (66) and genes, also likely aggravated by menopause, and aggrvted by dry eyes.

However, my opthalmologist says my dry eyes have improved, and the other conditions have receded, and his best guess was that by lowering my blood sugar levels through my new diet and reducing inflammation in the body, the capillaries in my eyes are no longer unhealthy and causing irritation. I even had improved eyesight and need less correction on my contact lens prescription - in fact, doctor says if blood sugar remains low, it may be possible to not need anything more than reading glasses in the future!

Who knew the long reaching benefits of the 21-day cleanse, and resulting 4 months of nutritional changes - basically kicking sugar and processed, inflammatory foods! I also lost 10 lbs and no trouble keeping it off.