With Stephanie Moore, Shamanic Practitioner

Earth blessing, healing, and Journey

Join us for a wonderful evening of ceremony.

Part 1: This workshop is despacho ceremony and journey for healing. We will as a group create a despacho for the purpose of healing the mother earth.  This is a perfect day to show our gratitude to the mother with it being earth day. We then will be traveling to other worlds for the healing of ourselves, the local community, and the planet.

A despacho is a ceremony performed on or after a earth cycle. One purpose of a despacho is it’s a representation of beauty and connecting us with the beauty of the earth and nature. Another purpose of a  despacho brings us into harmonious relationship with heaven and earth aligning all the worlds lower, middle, and upper.  This ceremony is opportunity to give prayers and gifts to the universe.

Part 2. After creating our despacho we will then journey to the other worlds. The purpose of this journey will be for healing. We will use Micheal Harner’s method of journeying to guide our experience. You will discover the healing worlds within you.

This workshop is open to all people of all backgrounds and experience levels.  Hosted by the Shamanic Duo Stephanie and David.

This workshop is an introduction to the ancient art of shamanic journey. We will use anthropologist, Micheal Harner's method of journeying to guide our experience. Come find out what our ancestors have known for centuries- discover the magic and healing of the worlds within you, waiting to be discovered.

We will take time to prepare for our journey by discussing the necessary steps, Q&A, and centering together. Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and for working through personal issues. Once we begin, Stephanie and David will drum and hold sacred ceremony space as you journey. This workshop and journey circle is open to all people of all backgrounds and all experiences.

When? 7:00-9:00 PM
Cost: $35.

Note: We do not ask that you pay up-font, but there will be a waiting list for this class. So please be sure you can come if you register

To register Day of - give us a ring at 610-203-3747