with Damini Celibre

Dec 8, 15, 22, 2016
Thursdays: 10am-12:30pm (ET)*

"Damini create's an online space that feels just like being in-person with her. She holds a powerful and sacred space so that the community can go inward, paint, laugh, and explore.  Love It!" CE.

Come and join a community of women that what to explore the many aspects of themselves.

Based on the creative concepts found in Painting the Landscape of your Soul: a journey of self-discovery. These online painting sessions are open to anyone— in fact beginners are encouraged to attend!

•    Make a commitment to yourself by signing up and committing to your healing creative process. Having a date and time on your calendar means you will more likely show up and paint instead of getting distracted by the myriad of things we can find to do at home alone.

•    No traveling needed- in the comfort of your home we will use a video conferencing technology that is pretty stellar and easy to use. All you need is Wifi and a computer and some art supplies.

General flow of online worship:

  • Gather in community
  • Open circle
  • Meditation or movement
  • Setting intention
  • Start painting
  • Throughout the session Damini will check in with you to help go deeper into your process
  • Gathering back to circle
  • What did you experience
  • Closing

The rest of your painitng experiance is pretty close to being in a live workshop with Damini.

In this Women's Painiting circle we will start to weave a community of women who are willing to spend time exploring their creative hearts with intuitive painting.
Why? To tap into our creative source and build the energy we need for personal change.
To create a supportive creative community, to have fun and to thrive with your sis-ters! 
To create a stronger community we will have a face book group where you can keep sharing your journey.  (limited to 10 soulful gals).

Three sessions for $90 . Use the Code VILLAGELUV at Checkout for a nice discount!

Dec 8, 15, 22, 2016 (Thursday)
 10am-12:30pm (ET)*

 Beginners are encouraged to join.