You are cordially invited to an evening of Mindful Arts and Crafts! 

Heres the plan:
We will gather around the fake fire, make wishes for the upcoming year and fold origami paper cranes. The goal will be for us to fold one thousand cranes! (woah)

According to Japanese tradition, if you make a wish, and then fold one thousand origami cranes, your wish will come true. In Japan cranes are a symbol of luck and longevity. It is said, “Cranes live for one thousand years; turtles live for ten thousand years.” We honor this symbol by folding 1000 cranes. 

Afterwards, you can take your cranes home and hang them on your Solstice tree, Chanukah bush, or use them for decoration in your space. They will be a reminder and activator of your wish for the new year!

Everyone is welcome, even if you don't know how to fold cranes - you will learn really fast! Kids are welcome however this is not an event geared towards kids. 

We will provide:  all the supplies and Pizza.  Other than that you can bring a friend, and snack or drink to share if you wish and come on over!  

(If you have special paper you would like to use - please bring that along).

See you then,
The Village Wellness Crew

P.S. All participants must register as space (and pizza) is limited =) ** Also please add a note if you would like gluten free pizza.