Laurie Elder

Reiki Master Teacher

I discovered reiki when I was still in college; it was completely by accident but the best things tend to happen that way. I had a terrible headache one night that I simply could not get rid of and my friend offered an option that she had learned in South Africa. I had never heard of Reiki before, but I was willing to try anything to alleviate the ache. She put her hands on my head and within two minutes I was overwhelmed and amazed at how effective it was. I felt the pain dull and a strange sensation that I had never experienced before. It was incredible. I was fascinated and right then I knew that I had to learn more about it. So I threw myself into a journey to pursue the practice, taking a 2 year training to become a Reiki Master at The Reiki School + Clinic in Philadelphia. It was transformative; it set me on a path of self-discovery and healing that helped me to develop a more self-aware, intuitive, confident, and vibrant sense of being.

I have now been practicing Reiki for 18 years and teaching for 12 years.  Over the years, I have continued my Reiki education with different workshops including Jikiden Reiki and Japanese Reiki Techniques, which I have integrated into my teaching to create a more well-rounded curriculum. As a graduate of the University of the Arts with a BA in graphic design, creativity is also a key part of who I am and acts as a wonderful tool in the healing arts. In this way, I love to bring light-hearted play and out-of-the-box activities into the learning experience. It is also very important to me to create a safe and welcoming environment for healing for my clients and students and this is an atmosphere that will always be upheld in my classes and sessions.

Above all, I believe that absolutely anyone can learn how to heal themselves with the proper support and care, and I want to be there to provide that opportunity. As a mother of two, I find reiki to be a facilitating force for that nurturing energy and allows me to manage my stress and stay balanced with all of the demanding responsibilities of life. In my experience, Reiki is so helpful in giving me the tools to deeply connect to my sense of self. It has the capacity to truly help people whether just immediate physical pain or deep-rooted emotional issues. I have seen the effects with my work with people suffering from stress, depression or anxiety, undergoing career changes or cancer treatment, working through creative blocks or moving through the various stages of family planning and pregnancy. No matter the situation, Reiki is an irreplaceable force of support. I find it so nourishing to teach because I know it is helping people to draw out their inner healer and align with their soul’s purpose. That is why it is my mission here to share that gift!

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