Passion, Connection & The Stars: An Interview with Astrologer Tara Vogel


Passion, Connection & The Stars: An Interview with Astrologer Tara Vogel

This is part of a series of interviews I am conducting with practitioners of holistic medicine with the aim of answering this question: "How can we increase our quality of life?” 

I find that people who are drawn to help others tend to be ignited with a deep passion and purpose. These interviews delve into that drive and aim to discover insight and supply tips for living life to its fullest. 

Tara Vogel is an Astrologer practicing at Village Wellness on the Main Line, Philadelphia. She also specializes in Astrology specifically for parents.

Enjoy the interview!

Q: Tara, what does an Astrology session involve and how does it help a person go forward?

TARA: When a person books a session with me, I ask for their birth date, time and place. I enter this information into my astrology software and what I see is a flattened out map of where all the planets were in the sky at the moment of their birth. We call this the natal chart. It’s basically the blueprint of their soul, or the soul’s lesson plan in this lifetime, you could say. On this lesson plan, there are lots of symbols which stand for the planets which are in signs and houses and they’re making different aspects to other planets. I interpret that, and what I’m looking at is potential. I’m seeing potential of what the soul wants to learn and explore. I’ll spend some time before the session in the energy of that person. As I look at their chart, things start to jump out at me. I start to get a “feel” for them.

A first-time client session lasts about 90 minutes. We sit down together and have we a conversation about what I see in their chart and how that shows up in their lives.

Clients come to me for several reasons.

  1. They’re curious and open to learning more about themselves.

  2. They’re wondering about astrology and how it really works. They’ve been reading their horoscope and want to understand it more.

  3. They’re pretty aware and awake and are always looking for a way to up-level their life and they use astrology as a tool to do that.

  4. Which is the most common. They're struggling in some area of their life and could use some guidance and a little direction or clarity. Having an astrologer read your natal chart is great for that!

Much of my session with a person is conversation back and forth. I I kind of have the cheat sheet for their soul plan in this lifetime. “This is what your soul is here to experience. How is this showing up for you? How is that working for you?” A lot of times it’s one of those bigger, harder lessons, they might be struggling with it, especially if they’re having a transit. A transit is a cycle of growth that someone is going through in their life based on where the planets are in the sky right now, and how that’s stimulating their natal chart or their soul’s blueprint in this lifetime.

Q: How does astrology integrate with shamanism, acupuncture, and other services at Village Wellness?

TARA: Astrology is about connecting to something bigger than us, some greater intelligence that we’re all a part of. Astrology is about remembering our connection. Long ago, when we needed answers, we looked to the sky.

With shamanism, It’s very much the same. Connecting with the earth, sky, plants, ancestors. There is no separation. There’s magic happening in both. If we think about acupuncture, the intent of acupuncture is to bring your body back into your wholeness.

When I’m looking at a natal chart, my goal is to bring that client back to themselves, to the whole picture or wholeness of who they’ve come to be in this lifetime. In my opinion, acupuncture is a part of a healthy and holistic lifestyle and so is astrology.

Astrology is one way to deeply and intimately get to know ourselves and our “soul’s plan”. I see acupuncture as giving you access to a healthy relationship to your body, mind, and spirit. A good astrologer will help you have access to that body, mind, and spirit connection as well, because your body, mind, and spirit is shown in your natal chart. I guide you towards the highest expression.

Holistic psychotherapy and past life regression (which are also offered at VW) are also other ways to deeply understand yourself. When I look at someone’s natal chart, I can also see about past lives that they’ve had. More importantly, what they’re bringing from those lifetimes, into this lifetime, and what they’re here to really learn and to kind of “get right” and really master in this lifetime.

Q: Tara did you end up helping people in this way? What drew you to astrology? Why did you choose it as your profession?

TARA: My middle daughter was born with special needs, but we didn’t really know what was going on with her for a while, so I spent many years of her life, especially in the beginning, trying to heal her. I had her astrological natal chart read by an astrologer when she was five, and he was able to explain to me how she was emotionally, how her mind worked, the challenges she came to experience, what she needs, and where her gifts are.

He described her so accurately! It was then that I realized that she was living her life according to her soul’s plan, even though it was a very different life than I had imagined for her. It brought me a lot of peace to think there wasn’t anything I needed to fix, I just needed to support her in the highest expression of that plan. And the natal chart shined a light on that plan! When this astrologer was able to explain her by looking at these symbols on a circular map of where the planets were in the sky when she was born, it really blew my mind and I became a crazy woman and a little obsessed with learning everything I could about astrology. I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart, so I love to dive deeply into things, and I really did the deep dive into astrology. That’s when my passion really ignited. It really went from a passion to a profession for me.

Q: What are you most passionate about in your work?

TARA: I’m really passionate about connection. Intimate connection with ourselves and others. If you know a little bit about astrology, I have my Jupitar, Mars, and Venus in Scorpio in the eighth house. This house is about intimate connection. Not only am I here to explore that, but I want to help other people experience it.

We’re so connected to the cosmos, especially the moon, which is our closest celestial body. We know that the moon influences the waters of Mother Earth and our our moods. Humans are made up of mostly water so of course the moon is going to have a strong effect on our body. A child’s body is even made up of more water than an adults, which is why we see it even more in them!

The more we can stay intimately connected with our soul’s plan, shown by the natal chart, the more things will feel “right” in our world. We’ll be more at peace on the inside, because we’re on our path. When I say peace, it doesn’t mean that life is always going to be easy. Of course we all have heartbreaks, hard times, and challenges, as well as the ecstatic times in our life, the success, and the expansion. We have both the expansion and contraction….the in-breath and out-breath.

When we go with our soul plan, then we have the energy at our back guiding us along rather than getting beat up because we’ve been fighting it and human beings can really fight to keep themselves small. There is a deep knowing inside of us when we’re on the right track. You’re unfolding into a more evolved version of yourself.

Q: What are 1-5 healthy habits or lifestyle recommendations you want to offer to the world?

TARA: It’s hard to pick a few, because I have a lot.

My first one is to join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) so you can actually connect to the plants and food that are being grown and harvested around you. You connect to the vital life force inherent in all living things when you eat things that are local and in season. That life force is so strong because the food was just harvested and it actually vitalizes YOU. We need more vibrant beings on the earth! We’re so used to eating old vegetables or dead, over-processed food that we lose our vitality and get grouchy. Go pick some dandelion flowers and put them in your salad (Yes, you can eat them!)

The second recommendation is to walk barefoot on the Earth on a regular basis. If it’s too cold to be barefoot, just get yourself outside because nature heals. Go out and talk to the moon. Let her listen to all of your worries and dreams. Give them all to her. Tap into her wisdom. She has wisdom from the ages that she’s here to offer us. As I said, she’s our closest celestial body and the moon is really our archetype of the mother. A good mother can hold it all. She’s able to hold all of our emotional stuff and give us reassurance that it’s going to be okay. She really does tell you that if you’re truly listening to her. :-)

My third recommendation is to connect to your body on an everyday basis. However it feels good and it doesn’t have to be a workout. It can be yoga, dance, stretching, walking, running, giving yourself a massage, or getting a massage, acupuncture, shiatsu. We’ve all come to experience this plan, that’s mapped out in our astrological natal chart, through the vehicle of this body we have while we’re on the earth. The more we can take care of our body, the more we’re able to do our spiritual work, serve and grow. We, in our society, abuse our bodies a lot and we don’t pay enough attention to them, which is why it’s so critical to focus on keeping them vibrant every single day.

My last recommendation is to work with someone who can give you a broader perspective of yourself. That could be a coach, a holistic therapist, or some kind of healer that you see on a regular basis such as your acupuncturist, shaman or astrologer. Check in with someone, not for their opinion, but so they can remind you of who you are. Any good healer will remind you of that. They’ll mirror back your wholeness and it’s actually you’re wholeness that has the answers you’re looking for.

Q: Do you have a spiritual practice? If so, what is it?

TARA: I have a few spiritual practices. One is ecstatic dance. I find that it’s the most effective way to quiet my mind, connect to my body, feel ME, and express myself in a creative way. Our body knows how to heal itself and when we allow ourselves not to dance, but to be danced by Spirit, God or whatever the name is you give to the organizing intelligence of our Universe, we heal. My favorite ecstatic dance practices are: 5rhythms, Movement Medicine, Soul Motion Azul, and Open Floor. I dance in Philadelphia on a regular basis.

My second spiritual practice is walking our dog, Rosebud, because it forces me to get outside and connect with everything around me.

My third practice is working very closely with the cycles of the moon. Everytime the moon is new (every 29 days) we have the opportunity to begin again. The full moons give us a different kind of opportunity, as well as the first and last quarter moons. This is a really powerful practice and something I love to teach my clients.

Q: What book do you give away the most?

TARA: I love books! The two books that I find myself giving away the most are “Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead” by Tosha Silver and “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer.

“Outrageous Openness” is a funny, easy to read book. It’s very uplifting and has you connect to something bigger than yourself.

“Pussy: A Reclamation” is an important book for all of us to read, especially if the title offends you a little, then I would definitely read it! I did some work with Regena years ago and she is the one that taught me that pleasure is one of our biggest teachers, especially as women. She’s doing very important work in the world in this time of the divine feminine reawakening. She’s wild, crazy, and a lot of fun.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote?

TARA: I have many favorite quotes, but my current favorite is one by Matt Licata who says, “We are conditioned to find a problem where there is an invitation”.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? What do I like to do for fun?

TARA: I have a strong Capricorn influence in my chart, so I work a lot and don’t have a lot of free time. I’m also a mom with three kids. Having more free time is one of the things that I’m trying to cultivate more of in my life right now.

Main Line Astrologer Tara Vogel

Tara Vogel

Certified Astrologer, Certified Professional Coach

Tara is an astrologer and coach.  She’s passionate about helping people stay connected to their soul’s path through the wisdom of the cosmos.  Each one of us has an astrological natal (birth) chart. It’s a picture of where the planets were in the sky at the moment of your birth and it’s essentially the blueprint of your soul in this lifetime.  It can be used as a powerful vehicle for conscious healing. She believes that exploring and understanding the natal chart is one of the greatest tools we have for developing compassion for ourselves and others.

Tara believes in a holistic approach to living and weaves her knowledge of nutrition and herbalism into her sessions. She’s also trained in the Internal Family Systems method of psychotherapy.  She writes daily on how to use the celestial bodies to support you in your everyday life. Tara also teaches Applied Astrology at an online school for her teacher, Debra Silverman. Astrology, cosmic contemplation, and ecstatic dance are her greatest spiritual tools.  She’s a mom of three and is a Capricorn sun, Libra moon, and Pisces rising.


Neuroscience, meditation, & a few minutes a day...


Neuroscience, meditation, & a few minutes a day...

I recently shared an article from Business Insider titled: 'Neuroscience shows that 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they sit quietly and do nothing for 15 minutes a day'.

Here are the key points:

▪"Neuroscientist Sara Lazar found that people who practiced meditation had more gray matter in the part of the brain linked to decision-making and working memory: the frontal cortex." (after just 8 weeks)

▪"While most people see their cortexes shrink as they age, 50-year-old meditators in the study had the same amount of gray matter as those half their age."

▪"Participants in the study averaged about 27 minutes of the habit a day, but other studies suggest that you can see significant positive changes in just 15 minutes a day."

Creating a younger brain?! This is a major finding and proves just how powerful meditation can be.

Want to get started with meditation here are some helpful tips: 
1. Dont worry if your mind is busy - just practice being still, relaxing, and gently being aware. Allow the mind to just be exactly as it is. 
2. I recommend just 3 minutes a day and slowly building up your time. 
3. Do it daily, create the habit.

Want more help? Try my nifty online meditation course I made for my patients. It includes 11 audio mediations of various lengths and an ebook that helps to demystify meditation. All are welcome to try it out! If you are inspired....hint: use the coupon code: "meditate50"


The Benefits of Forest Bathing


The Benefits of Forest Bathing

I have always found going for a walk in the woods to be wondefully theraputic. Over the years it has become an essential part of my self-care routine. Walking in the woods, no matter what the weather is like, helps to clear my mind, provides deeper access to my intuition, and eases my heart. 

A few years ago, I discovered a Japanese term, Shinrin Yoku that completely describes the therapy of walking in the woods.  It has been translated into english as Forest Bathing - taking in the forest atmosphere.  

Studied Benefits (from The Shinrin Yoku Organization) of Forest Bathing include:

  • Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body's Natural Killer (NK) cells. (Research Study)

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Reduced stress (Research Study)

  • Improved mood

  • lowered Cortisol ( Research Study )

  • Increased ability to focus,

  • Helped with ADHD

  • Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness

  • Increased energy level

  • Improved sleep

Forest Bathers also have reported:

  • Deeper and clearer intuition

  • Increased flow of energy

  • Increased capacity to communicate with the land and its species

  • Increased flow of eros/life force

  • Deepening of friendships

  • Overall increase in sense of happiness

Looking Deeper - Research & Articles on Forest Bathing


Go for a walk in the woods!!!! You will feel even better than you already do!!!





The 3 part breath for overwhelm & anxiety


The 3 part breath for overwhelm & anxiety

by Lance Isakov, L.Ac.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety, the 3 part breathing technique and me are best buds. It really helps to bring instantaneous calm to moments of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. I have taught this breath to hundreds of patients, it's simple, potent, and brings a calm focus when done right. 

The 3 part breath is actually a teaching tool to make use of you entire lung. The lungs go from the bottom of the rib cage all the way up to the collar bone. Our goal is to fill the entire lung in a smooth and easy breath. 

  • Sit up comfortably and easily, breathing gently through your nose.

  • Imagine your belly is like a bellow. as you expand your belly the breath falls in and as you pull your navel center in and up the breath pushes out.

  • PART 1 - Belly - Place a hand over the belly button. Now as you expand your belly allow the breath to fall in. Hold briefly and exhale by squeezing the navel center towards the spine.

  • PART 2. Chest- Place a hand on your chest. Do Part 1. Hold. Now inhale even more by expanding the upper chest. Hold gently and exhale, chest then belly.

  • PART 3. Colar Bone. Part 1 Inhale. Hold. Part 2 Inhale. Hold. Then inhale a tiny bit more into the very top of the lungs under the collar bone. You will notice that the heart center wants to lift and the shoulders want to drop down and back. Exhale!

  • PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. Without holding, Inhale Part 1, Inhale part 2, Inhale Part 3, Exhale part 3, 2, and 1. You will have a smooth breath that fills the entire lung.

  • Continue for 3-5 minutes or as long as you are comfortable.




The Healing Art of Hugging

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The Healing Art of Hugging

I love hugging! I'll take any hug I can get! A 1 second squeeze, a 3 second embrace, even a loooong 20 second healing hug! Sure, it can be a bit awkward to linger - but if both parties consent, the research is there to support major healing benefits of a nice long hug!

Here are the Top 3 Health Benefits to a Long Hug - Scientific Proof included!

1. A hug of 10 seconds or more increases Oxytocin.
Also known as the "love hormone", Oxytocin regulates social interaction,  bonding, underlies trust, and is an antidote to feeling down.  When Oxytocin is released it also balances your blood pressure and heart rate. (see the science)

2. Hugs reduce pain, ease Asthma, help with diabetes, and improve our immune systems. The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine has carried out hundreds of studies into touch. They have found evidence of significant effects, including enhanced growth in premature babies, diminished pain, decreased autoimmune disease symptoms, and improved immune systems. (see the science)

3. Hugs help with feelings of depression.
Hugging stimilates the production of Serotinin. Low Serotonin has been linked to feelings of loneliness and depression. As Serotonin is released feelings of pleasure, elevated mood and happiness increase. (see the science

So now that we have all the science lets experiment with this healing art for ourselves! For the next week, i challenge you to find one consenting person or loving pet each day to practice a 10 to 20 second hug with. Pay attention to how you feel before and after. so that you can see the benefits for yourself!

I would love to hear from you about your experience so please send me a note!

Happy Hugging! 

Lots of Love,


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my experience: Part 4 of our 5 part shamanic apprenticeship


my experience: Part 4 of our 5 part shamanic apprenticeship

Im feeling particularly heart-full in this moment, having just completed part 4 of our 5 part, year long, shamanic apprenticeship with 11 beautiful apprentices.

Our time together was devoted to deepening our healing work using the natural elements, sacred healing objects, breath work, sound vibration, and sacred geometry.

I am SO excited to share this work with you. In fact - I'm going to set up a few special shamanic healing sessions. If you are interested in experiencing this level of shamanic healing work - email me and let me know!

Also if you are interested in becoming a shamanic practitioner or get excited at the idea of joining our next 5 part year long shamanic apprenticeship - please let me know that too! I'm so excited to be part of the medicine tradition!

In other news, I am super grateful to be adding 2 new AMAZING practitioners to our Village Wellness team!! I will tell you lots more details soon but here's a little preview.

Megan is a financial wellness practitioner that is one of the most generous people I know. She is dedicating her precious time (she is the COO of a financial company and mama of a 1 year old) and immense experience to helping us find a right relationship with money. Im bringing her on because finances is one of our biggest stressors in life. And she can help! She is not a financial advisor nor is she trying to sell any financial products. Megan will simply be helping us heal our relationship with money. WOW!

Laura is an amazing sound healer who uses crystal singing bowls to tune the chakras and align your energy - quite a blissful experience! Laura has offered sessions at Village Wellness in the past along with her very popular sound healing workshops. Im so excited to have her back on our team!

Lastly I have an invitation to you. If you are struggling or need ANY support in ANY way in your life please reach out!. If I am unable to help I can at the very least, point you in the right direction!


Working with our shadow emotions though the lens of Five Element Acupuncture

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Working with our shadow emotions though the lens of Five Element Acupuncture

Our collective attention is, yet again, to the tender subject of suicide with the passing of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, most notably.  

This has me reflecting on our fast paced, modern world.  Our relative freedom and abundance also comes with immense pressures and intense challenges. Some of these look like the pressure to perform, to be happy, to "look good", or to get it "right."

social media acupuncture

Let's look at just one area where this shows up — social media. We see our friends, family, or celebrities, like Anthony Bourdain, living the apparent dream life. This can bring up questions for us either quietly or in a very significant way, that make us question our choices, our lives, our joy. "Why don't I have the dream life?" "What did they do to have such a perfect life?"  These nagging questions push on us to be happy, to perform, to look good, and to conform. 

We live in a culture where having things,  – money, fame, titles, and fancy stuff are cherished above most else, even without a diagnosed mental illness, these pressures can spiral down into what I'll simply call dissatisfaction.

In her article "Regrets of the Dying" Palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware expressed the following 5 "surprisingly common" themes of dissatisfaction from her patients on their deathbed:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. 
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.


Happiness starts with being well

To foster  'true happiness' starts with being well.

Sleep well, eat well, move well, play well, relate well, and work well.

Be generous, live with integrity, and be kind. 

Be your authentic self. express your feelings, be with friends, and have community, commune with nature. 

Remember your true value does not decrease based on someones inability to see your worth. 

Practice taking joy in the little things. 

When we get stuck...Acupuncture and our shadow emotions

In Five Element Acupuncture we understand that emotions are a healthy part of being human. Our bodies are wise and we have emotions for good reason. The goal in acupuncture is to keep it moving - problems arise when we get stuck and stagnation of emotions ensue.  By  understanding  the shadow side of the emotions, we can use them to heal, and take better care of ourselves and those around us. 

The Wood Element – Depression 

depression and acupuncture

Appropriate anger uprises when we feel violated whether it's physically, emotionally, or mentally. That anger is there to serve us in taking effective action. When there is no appropriate expression/action this uprising energy gets stuck. Eventually the "explosion" upward turns inward and that leads to profound inner turmoil or resignation.  

To Feel Better with the Wood Element:  When you feel violated and anger ensues - take appropriate, safe, ethical, and effective action to right the wrong. A release of anger can be as simple as saying 'no', punching a pillow, or shouting alone from the gut in a safe space like your car with the window up.

The Fire Element – Mistrust & Cynicism  

sadness and acupuncture

Appropriate sadness arises when we feel heart broken or disappointed. This feeling is there is to serve us in creating space, allowing the heart to heal. When there is no appropriate space or expression of sadness, this energy turns inward and brings about cynicism and a deep lack of trust. 

To Feel Better with the Fire Element:  When you feel sad, do your best to allow the feeling and give yourself a safe space to heal. Effective communication, having support through friends and community, or listening to music can be helpful in making room for the shadow side of the Fire element. 

In a world that puts pressure on us to feel happy all the time, remember that beauty thrives in diversity of experience – it's okay to not feel happy.  Give yourself the space and support you need.

Earth Element – Obsessive and Compulsive Worry

worry and acupuncture

Appropriate empathy arises when we are concerned for the care of others. This feeling is there  to serve us in creating a powerful bond with those we care about. When stuck, this energy turns inward and can bring about obsession, worry, and/or compulsiveness.  

To Feel Better with the Earth Element:  When you begin to feel worry, do your best to allow the feeling and not fight it.  Remember to trust the process.

Practicing the art of gratitude is one of the best remedies for the feelings of worry and obsession.  

Metal Element – Despair

despair and acupuncture

Appropriate grief arises when we lose someone or something precious to us.  Grief arises to help us create space, mourn and integrate that which we have lost. When we get stuck in grief, this energy can turn inward and bring about feelings of despair.  

To Feel Better with the Metal Element:  When you begin to feel grief, do your best to allow the feeling and not fight it.  Remember to trust the stages of grief.

Creating ceremonies of remembrance and honoring is a powerful way to move the energy. Deep and powerful breathing also moves stuck feelings and relieves heaviness of the heart.

Water Element – Fear & Anxiety

anxiety and acupuncture

Appropriate fear arises when we are placed in what we perceive as a dangerous situation. This feeling is there to serve us in creating safety and respect of that danger. When we get stuck in fear, this energy can turn inward and bring about feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.  

To Feel Better with the Water Element:  When you begin to feel fear, do your best to allow the feeling. If appropriate, heed the warning. If you need to move through it, breathe intentionally to promote feelings of courage.  

If you are feeling anxiety, pay attention to what may be the root fear underlying those feelings.

Deep and powerful breaths develop courage to move through the fear. Meditation will also allow you to cultivate perspective so you can sort out what needs to be feared and what doesn't.

community acupuncture

You are not alone & it’s not personal

When our emotions are balanced and flowing, they arise to serve and guide us. If they get stuck, try one of the suggestions above.

You are not alone, even if you’re feeling that way. Know that others are going through or have gone through similar experiences. Reach out! There are friends, family members, community centers, gyms, wellness centers, schools, classes, meet-ups, clubs, support groups, and support hotlines. 

If you or someone you know is struggling and you find this helpful please feel free to share. 

Wishing you a full and abundant life of allowing, presence, and harmony.

Lots of love,


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 A Who's Who of the BEST Acupuncturists this Side of the Mississippi=)


A Who's Who of the BEST Acupuncturists this Side of the Mississippi=)

Hope you are having an splendid moment. Did you know we now have an amazing team of FIVE extraordinary, fully accredited, and licensed acupuncturists at Village Wellness?

We ALL practice holistic acupuncture, meaning we treat the person who has symptoms rather than just the symptoms themselves. But we each have our specialities too! 

Here is a handy dandy list so you can keep it in mind when you are booking your appointment: 

  • Gabrielle focuses on helping folks with emotional/mental upsets like anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. She also is amazing at helping with musculoskeletal upsets like aches and pains. Gabrielle also manages our Community Acupuncture Program.
  • Lei specializes in women's health issues, hormonal upsets, and fertility support. She is also our Cosmetic & Facial Acupuncture Guru. She can help with those fine lines & wrinkles, bring color to the face, and a sparkle to the eye.
  • Carey, specializes in Sports Medicine Acupuncture and is super helfpul for physical injuries, pain, and muscle tightness.
  • Karin does Five Element Acupunture and Allergy elimination (NAET). 
  • I (Lance) focus on helping folks with spiritual level work. My main interest is helping my patients with Spiritual awakening and aiding them in feeling more like themselves. I also work with people who already feel well and healthy to give them an edge,  expand possibilies,  and help them feel even better! 

Wow! 5 amazing acupuncturists under 1 roof! I believe the greatest transformation comes from the beautiful healing relationship that develops between you and your practitioner. At Village Wellness, each of us is completely committed to this level of healing and transformation!

If you have any questions about who the right practitioner is for you, drop me a line, and we will figure it out together!!

I hope to see you soon!

Lots of love,



3 Ways to Practice The Art of Patience


3 Ways to Practice The Art of Patience

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your in the question.” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke

Have you ever felt like you had to explode, break through, create the new — but the timing wasn't quite right, or you rushed into it and your plan didn't end up blossoming?

That's why Patience is one of the aspects of the Wood Element or Springtime Energy — the powerful upward, exploding energy. Like we see in a sprouting tulip, 5 Element Theory understands that brining a vision into fruition requires patience. We must hold the vision and let it ripen before it's ready.

(To understand the Five Elements in context, check out a complimentary copy of the e-Book, Five Element Acupuncture & You. [use code: 'ancientwisdom'])

Patience is a powerful tool.

With patience, we can allow our ideas to percolate to the perfect moment of creation.

We can sit and get to know a stranger, someone different than us, erasing fear and prejudices. With patience comes wisdom, inner strength, and focus. Patience brings better mental and emotional endurance. We all know what it can be like to feel quick to anger. Especially if you're a parent - kids test patience like it's their sole purpose in life. If we actively cultivate patience with tools like breath, curiosity, and choice — we become happier, calmer, and more at home, feeling connected to life!

Now, more than ever, we need to Practice the Art of Patience! We are practiced at never having to wait for anything. We are physically habituated towards instant gratification. Think about it. Any information is available in seconds from our phone. We can purchase almost anything online and have it delivered to us that same day. There's no more going out untethered to everyone you know and love. Our nervous systems wire themselves according to what we repeat most often. This is where we have power.

3 ways to Practice Patience

1. Shift your perspective on a problem (How To): When we shift our perspective, we can unhook ourselves from the well worn grooves and patterns of our nervous system and try on something else.
     a. Think of a challenging situation or problem in your life.
     b. 'Open your mind' by saying "This could mean anything!"
     c. Release any judgements you may already have about the problem.
     d. Be curious and ask yourself, "What is a new way I could look at this problem?" or "What haven't I thought of yet?"

2. Grow Strawberries. Or any other fruits or veggies you enjoy! When you nurture a plant, it  brings you into nature's rhythms. PLUS you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here's the How-To.

3. Be Creative. Paint. Cook. Knit. Draw. Sing. Write Poetry.  To make good art, we must be patient. Fortunately, creativity has a way of inspiring it.

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. 
- Kurt Vonnegut

Village Wellness  6 Waterloo Ave Berwyn, PA 19312

Village Wellness
6 Waterloo Ave
Berwyn, PA 19312



Stephanie Moore Uses Shamanic Energy to Treat Anxiety and Pain The Wayne native practices at Village Wellness in Berwyn.


Stephanie Moore Uses Shamanic Energy to Treat Anxiety and Pain The Wayne native practices at Village Wellness in Berwyn.

Originally Published in Main Line Today by MELISSA JACOBS

shaman philadelphia

To many, shamanic energy medicine might sound a bit out there.

Cleansing chakras, medicine stones and manipulating energy are hallmarks of New Age hocus-pocus. But when shaman Stephanie Moore talks about pain, what she says makes a lot of sense.

Chronic pain—from fibromyalgia to autoimmune disorders to anxiety and even depression—effects people emotionally, physically and spiritually. Western medicine treats diseases on only some of those levels, whereas Moore attacks it systemically.

For example, anxiety is a mental illness that has physical symptoms. It triggers the flight-or-fight response that causes the release of cortisol and adrenaline. Moore can shut off that response. “But if you don’t understand what’s causing it to go off, you’ll leave here and it will go off again,” she says. “That’s why we do the mystical, magical stuff.”

While clients lie on tables, fully clothed, Moore uses medicine stones and her hands to move their energies. Then, she creates a sacred space by chanting and drumming, putting clients and herself into totally relaxed, trance-like states. Then, the talking starts.

To find the origin of their pain, Moore takes clients through their personal histories. “Energy is like a thread,” she explains. “We have to pull it all and get at the root of it, or we’re just plucking weeds.”

Clients can only talk about what they know. Moore gets the rest of the story by communicating with spirits. They aren’t necessarily dead relatives—angels, animals and various energies surround Moore and each client has their own spirit guides. “I ask my guides to connect me to the clients’ [guide],” Moore explains.

But truthfully, Moore doesn’t need the ceremony to “read” clients. Within 10 minutes of meeting someone, and with 100 percent accuracy, she says she can rattle off a decade old physical ailment, an emotional childhood trauma, and something that happened that morning. So why the chanting? “It’s important for people to relax and tell their story from their perspective,” Moore explains. “That tells me where they are, in that moment, and that can guide what we do.”

Generally Moore helps clients break destructive patterns, find forgiveness and create new personal narratives. That’s true with pain caused by mental and physical illnesses. “You need to shift your perspective for a pattern to clear,” she says. “It’s about not being shackled by the past.”

Moore’s past is surprisingly normal. She grew up in Wayne, was raised Catholic and attended the Baldwin School. She married her college sweetheart and worked as an emergency veterinary nurse after they moved to Berwyn.

One day in 2011, Moore was going about her daily routine when she heard the word “shaman,” though it hadn’t been spoken aloud. The experience was so unusual and the word so specific that Moore went to her local library and found a book on shamanism. She’d stayed up all night reading it. The next morning, Moore told her husband that she was meant to be a shaman and the book’s author, Alberto Villoldo, had to be her teacher. Her husband greeted that declaration with more than a bit of skepticism.

Undeterred, Moore attended local meetings about shamanism, and in 2015, enrolled in Villoldo’s course. The 300 hours of training took place in the Berkshires and Andes mountains. “We slept on the ground for a month in a camp with 20 people and studied for 9 to 13 hours per day,” Moore remembers. “We were on detoxifying diets, we did sweat lodges and other rituals. It was a grueling month of bringing up all of my dark stuff. But my teacher taught us to heal ourselves. Then, we had the tools to help other people.”

Moore returned to Berwyn a changed woman. Now, she makes mindful choices about everything, from relationships to the food she eats. She also listens to her spirit guides, which she can now clearly hear. All of that lead her to Berwyn’s Village Wellness, a holistic healing center, and its founder, Lance David Isakov. He helped Moore start her shamanic practice, which is now thriving.




Sacred Reciprocity – Mending our Relationship with The Earth


Sacred Reciprocity – Mending our Relationship with The Earth

I recently had the privilege of spending the weekend with 16 other beautiful souls for Part 1 of our 5 Part Shamanic Apprenticeship. It was a wonderful and powerful experience and I am so excited to share my learnings.

One of my biggest takeaways is the deepening of my practice of sacred reciprocity. Sacred Reciprocity is best understood as the heartfelt exchange, gratitude, and acknowledgment for everyone and everything that sustains us.

We are alive because of the balance of this give and take. Think about eating and breathing... We breathe in the waste of plants, Oxygen, while plants breathe in our waste, Carbon Dioxide. We eat life force produced by Mama Earth and we feed her back our waste which is compost for more life. This happens on every level, even the subtle, energetic ones.

Sadly, as we can see from environmental changes and nutritional strife, the balance of give and take with our Mother Earth needs major healing.  She gives unconditionally and we take, take, take. So what can we do to bring back balance?  

Our ancient, earth honoring traditions have built in practices for Sacred Reciprocity; The farmer, who would leave the most prized and precious pieces of corn as an offering of thanks to the Earth at harvest time or the Shaman who would make a despacho, an offering of deep appreciation to the spirits, or simply a pinch of tobacco to a plant before it's used in a healing. 

Many people feel daunted by trying to mend out relationship to the earth, but living in Sacred Reciprocity can be as simple as giving heartfelt thanks or acknowledgement as you walk in the woods, swim in the ocean, or hustle down the sidewalk to the place you need to get to next.  

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but just imagine what would happen if every single human being participated in a sacred relationship of exchange with the Earth?

“When we surrender the need to figure it all out, 
and cultivate the ability to let it all in, 
then our earth walk becomes
a sacred dance of healing service on the planet. 
More than the world needs saving, it needs loving.” -
don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Yours with IMMENSE gratitude, 



Back hickies?...heres the scoop about cupping


Back hickies?...heres the scoop about cupping

Remember the dark circles on Michael Phelps' shoulders during the olympics a few years ago? They are the result of Cupping Therapy, a technique that we incorporate into acupuncture sessions for sports injuries and muscle aches. 

Glass or plastic cups are placed over areas with stagnation. Air is pumped out of the cups creating a suction. The suction releases stagnant blood and energy to the surface creating a bruise. The result is typically  immediate relief of the ache. Its amazing! And those hickies typically disappear in a few days. What's extra amazing is, if you cup an area without stagnation, no bruise will appear! 

I received some cupping for an achy back and neck! it helped so much! these are the marks left - they will dissapear in couple days.

I received some cupping for an achy back and neck! it helped so much! these are the marks left - they will dissapear in couple days.


Got aches and pains? Interested in cupping? come try it out - simply book an acupuncture session online. Cupping is incorporated into our Acupuncture sessions on an as needed basis. If you are not in the Philadelphia area, we are happy to give referrals of great practitioners near you. Just Ask



The 5 Perspectives of LOVE


The 5 Perspectives of LOVE

Love is all around us. Love feels good when we’re sad. Love even heals when we’re sick.

Love feels like it should be simple, right?

And to some extent, it is!

...but, really, what is love? More importantly, how do we find it? How do we recognize it? How do we embrace it?

It’s hard to explain, but it’s quite easy to illustrate. Let’s start with this: There are five simple perspectives that beget love.

I Love You… ish.

Years ago, I remember my first girlfriend saying “I love you.” I treated her - and our relationship - with the idea that she loved me. In the end, she made choices and actions that didn’t align with what I thought love was.

It’s easy to say that she was just saying she loved me because that’s what you do in a relationship, but I choose to believe she was actually acting out of love. At least what she understood love to be.

The real issue wasn’t her, but the “what I thought love was” that really gets us. I love you isn’t universal. When someone says “I love you,” they’re saying “I view you in the way I interpret love.”

This realization lead to a path of discovery. A path to figure out love. How can love mean something different to everyone? Spoiler: it doesn’t.

The Five Perspectives

Unlike “I love you,” pure love truly is universal. Love is a swirling pool of bliss that is always prevalent and exists everywhere. Once we tap into it, we simply live in - and become - love itself. “I love you” is really how far into the pool you allow yourself to be.

1. The Self

Of course it starts with love of self. To love one’s self is much easier than we continue to trick ourselves into believing. Chances are, you already do love yourself to some extent. The catch is… that’s enough! Loving even one part of “you” is the first step. Just keep going down that path and take whatever turn you need to in order to stay on it.

2. The Other

This is the easiest one, for sure. When someone in our life has a positive impact, we love them with ease. Family, friends, children, pets all fall in this “other” category. At some point in our lives, we loved someone other than ourself. I’ll bet there’s someone in your life now that falls in this category.

3. The Stranger

There are certainly people we don’t know that we can love. Feeling for the homeless or helping a group of people that don’t have what you do are both ways that we love strangers. In order to find ourselves wrapped in love, we need to take this one step further and love the person in the car in front of us. To love strangers is to have love for people we may currently be indifferent to.

4. The Jerk

This one isn’t so easy. We actually need to be loving to people that aren’t on our “nice” list. Oh, that person in the car in front of us can quickly go from a stranger to a jerk, right? But, they too are experiencing humanity in all of its struggles. We don’t need to go hug them (though they might need it), but we do need to have positive intentions. The best thing that helped me get this one right is learning about the perspective problem: in short, when we do something wrong, it’s an accident; when someone else does something wrong - even the same thing - it’s a character flaw. The perspective problem is a subconscious behavior socialized into most of us.

5. Universal

Universal love is the neverending belief that the world is out to support us. While we will run into people during our lives that don’t seem to embody our versions of love, universal love teaches us that they will at some point. Universal love is the quintessential love for the sake of loving. You can often find this quality in Veterinarians, Firefighters, and Wellness Practitioners.

When we cultivate each of these Perspectives of Love, we find ourselves bathed in a world of positivity and support.

A Meditation to Help

For most of us, it’s going to take a little bit of work to get to the universal love space. So, here’s a little meditation you can practice whenever you’re feeling like a little love.

NOTE: Inspiration for this comes from a meditation by Neida Ratzlaff at

  • Find a space you can sit comfortably in for five or ten minutes.

  • Take a deep breath and smoothly let it out. Maybe take another.

  • Focus on your heart and imagine a green glow lighting up with each inhale

  • Consider someone you love, bring a picture of them to mind, and visualize sending that green glow to that person.

  • Find someone from the day that you don’t know - maybe someone you remember from a store or someone you passed on the sidewalk - and visualize sending them that green glow.

  • Bring to mind someone you actively don’t like and visualize sending them that same green glow from your heart. (Good job! That’s the hard one.)

  • Smile.

  • Sit for a few minutes - as long as you’d like - and simply feel the glow of your own heart reaching out to these three others, filling your own body, and maybe even extending that glow to fill the room, the house, the town…

  • You can listen to an audio of this meditation as an mp3

Many of us spend a vast amount of time looking for, hoping for, yearning for love. And the trick of it is that love exists within us. When we free it from there - free ourselves from holding love back - we can experience love in its full glory.


Learn More About Stewart


How to Prevent Insomnia with Acupuncture + 3 Sleep Better Tips from an Acupuncturist


How to Prevent Insomnia with Acupuncture + 3 Sleep Better Tips from an Acupuncturist

One of the more common symptoms our patients come in with is Insomnia – trouble falling or staying asleep. This often leads to a whole slew of other sleep deprivation “side effects”, such as fatigue, lack of focus, decrease in sexual drive, and poor memory.

Our patients often come to acupuncture late in the game, as a last resort, or when trying to get off sleep meds, and even then acupuncture does wonders for them. But regular acupuncture treatments can be highly beneficial in preventing sleep issues that may come up in the future.

The Clinical Evidence Behind Acupuncture for Insomnia and Sleep Issues

  1. A preliminary report in 2004 concluded that, “Acupuncture increases nocturnal melatonin secretion and reduces insomnia and anxiety.”

  2. Another study found that “sleep activity and sleep quality significantly improved following 5 weeks of individualized acupuncture delivered in a group setting

  3. Based“on the results of this study, “it can be concluded that true and individualized acupuncture indeed shows efficacy in primary sleep disorders.”

Not only can acupuncture be helpful for Insomnia itself, but can also help relieve many symptoms that cause disrupted sleep, including pain, restless legs, TMJ, and an overwhelmed mind.

If you are having trouble come try acupuncture, in the meantime here are 3 ‘sleep-better’ tips I often share with my patients:

3 Steps ‘sleep better tips’ from your acupuncturist:

  1.  Turn off your screen
    Blue light (from our devices) signals daytime to our biology. For amazing sleep turn off your screens 2 hours before bed and read a book instead!

  2. Go to bed when you are tired or around 10:30 pm
    This may seem like no-brainer, but we often push ourselves to stay up after our initial evening sleep signal. Go to bed when you FIRST get tired (even if its 8:30 pm)! And know that it’s natural to sleep more in the winter and less in the summer. Don’t let yourself get a second wind!

  3. Make a bed journal - Get all your worrying over with before you go to bed.
    Worry and a busy or excited mind are often get in the way of falling asleep with ease. Use a journal make a list of any tasks you need to accomplish, any concerns you have, or things you need to remember. This will help assure your mind that it doesn’t need to keep track of the ‘to-dos’.

Well, I do hope you have beautiful and bountiful rest! If acupuncture has helped you sleep better, please share about your experience in the comment section below. And as always, please let me know if there is anything i can do for you.

With love,


Lance Isakov, L.Ac.,
Founder Village Wellness


Welcome Tara!! Our new Village Wellness Astrologer! 🌙


Welcome Tara!! Our new Village Wellness Astrologer! 🌙

We are over the Scorpio Moon excited to welcome the amazing Tara Vogel, Certified Astrologer and Certified Professional Coach to our Village Wellness team of practitioners! 

Astrology is the ancient practice of mapping where the celestial bodies were in the sky at the moment of your birth. Your astrological natal (birth) chart is essentially the blueprint of your soul and it can be used as a personalized map of YOU  throughout your lifetime. 

It gives you information about your character, relationships, talents and career, your blind spots, the lessons you’re here to learn and your life purpose.   It reflects the potential of your soul and can be used as a powerful tool to understand yourself and what’s happening in your life at a deeper level. Your natal chart is uniquely living and breathing energetic representation of you! 

tara vogel

Tara has a unique knack of helping her clients get a bigger picture of who they are and the gifts they present to life. People often come to her when they are facing challenges, big decisions, feel disconnected to their purpose, or want to have a little more clarity in their life. 

Folks who came to the open house yesterday evening had a chance to receive a mini-reading with Tara - and were totally blown away! 

Tara is currently accepting new clients! Learn more about Tara and Astrology and maybe even try a session out - you will not be disappointed! Learn more –>

See you soon...If it is in the stars ✨ 
With lots of love,
five element acupuncturist

P.S. we have just a couple more spots open for our past life regression class with Sue King this Sunday - if you are interested  see below for the details. 

enjoy our nifty online scheduler

or give us a ring anytime to chat! (610) 203-3747

Village News

  1. We had an AMAZING open house this past weekend! thank you to everyone who came out! 

  2. We are excited to announce our New Reiki Practitioner Training Program!  Our Reiki One Training will be an in-depth 3 month program slated to start in February. If you are interested in knowing more, reply and let me know!

  3. We will be offering Pennsylvania's first, Medicinal Cannabis Jouneying workshop, for card holders only, on Nov. 30th (see below for all the details). If you know anyone who may qualify and be interested please share this email!


Why I love to hold your hand in the treatment room


Why I love to hold your hand in the treatment room

Here is the second in a series of articles to help explain particular aspects of Chinese Medicine to my patients! As those of you who have come in for acupuncture know, I spend quite a lot of time with diagnostics including reading your pulses and looking at your tongue. This helps me find the root cause of your upset and gives me information to treat you effectively and safely. Today we will talk about PULSES, next time we'll talk about our tongues!

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is sadly a disappearing art. Mostly because it is quit difficult, requires an extraordinary amount of sensitivity and knowledge and takes a long time to learn. I have been particularly fascinated with this diagnostic technique and have done years of extra in-depth study with an amazing pulse master fine tuning my skills. 

Okay, this is amazing...when I read your radial (wrist) pulse, not only am I reading the rate, rhythm, and intensity of pulse, but  I am also reading at least 12 different individual pulses - in six positions and two depths (see pic below) When read this way the pulse gives insight into each of the major organ systems of the body.

By comparing the different pulses we can get a really precise idea of how the systems in your body are relating to each other. Are some organ systems compensating for poor functioning ones? Are there blocks in the flow of energy? All of this data provides valuable information in determining the root cause of your pain or upset and tells me exactly where I need to place the needles to help you feel better and even THRIVE!

Cool right?


heres a simple example of how this can work! Check it out...

In the body the Liver Meridian feeds into the Lung Meridian. So if we feel like the deep middle pulse on the left hand (Liver) is excessive (too much energy) and the deep 1st pulse on the right hand (Lung) is deficient (too little energy) we know that there is a block thats building up in the liver channel and preventing energy from going into the Lung channel. Make sense?

So how would this show up from the patient's perspective? Because the Liver organ system is responsible for anger, and the Qi is damned up there, I can guarantee that this patient is feeling very frustrated. If left untreated this can turn into other upsets down the line like depression, hopelessness, resentment, headaches, visual problems, muscle and tendon pain, and breathing issues. 

Using acupuncture we can get rid of the damn and help the patient feel better instantly! 

Pretty Cool right?!!

If you are wondering about your pulses and want to come in for a diagnostic session simply book online, come in, and I can take a look. 


Don't get sick! Holistic Medicine Tips for flu and cold prevention


Don't get sick! Holistic Medicine Tips for flu and cold prevention

Here are a couple tips to help you not get sick & if you do, how to move through it with grace ❤️.

1. Prevention

Sleep + Hydration + Good Food + Relaxation = Feeling Good

This is my not-so-secret-formula....We all know these, but sometimes we need to be reminded. Taking care of ourselves is not at the top of most people's To Do list's. It's the cheapest healthcare, but life is full, moves fast, and we forget to slow down. If you can take time to tend to these basics, you will beat off most colds before they have a chance to take hold.

2. Feeling Better

  • Acupuncture
    This is an AMAZING tool for strengthening the immune system and preventing a cold from entering your system. It's also extremely effective at kicking a cold out during its early stages! Book an immune boosting session online!

  • Lance's Magic Curing Tea
    Take at the very first signs of a cold! Drink this in the evening and go to bed early. It will make you sweat and you'll feel better in the morning. Main ingredients are: Ginger (heating), Cinnamon (heating & circulating), Garlic (anti-vital & anti bacterial), Black Pepper (moving) & Scallions (releases to the exterior).

    Heres the recipe! feel free to share!

tea for cold
  • Essential Oils: My all time favorite essential oil for cold busting and curing is inhaling the vapors of Therapeutic or Medicinal Grade Eucalyptus essential oil. It's anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and penetrates into the lungs and sinuses to open the passage ways.

    Note: I recommend getting some education about essential oils so you can use them well.

with lots of love,

Lance Isakov, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., CYT
Village Wellness. a little healing oasis on the main line.
(610) 203-3747


10 Benefits of Trying Something New


10 Benefits of Trying Something New

When was the last time you tried something new? What was it?

When I asked our Holistic Wellness Group that question, here were some of the responses:

  • Coffee & conversation Meet Up to meet new friends

  • 2018 was my 40th year and I did alot! 2 biggies were a road trip just daughter and me; other was singing bowl meditation

  • Last week, live video. For an introvert that was a big step

  • Rock climbing for the first time at 46!!!!

  • Adult ballet at 67

  • Yesterday. I ordered a meal on an app for the first time!

I am so inspired by our awesome wellness villagers!

So why try new things?...

10 Benefits of Trying Something New:

  • We stretch ourselves and expand our limits!

  • We get unstuck as we shake up our normal routine and patterns.

  • We develop courage by facing our fears

  • We open our mind by allowing ourselves to be a beginner.

  • We get to know ourselves better

  • We stimulate our creativity

  • We create powerful memories and markers in time

  • It opens up more opportunity for joy in our lives

  • It forces us to grow!

Are you inspired to try something new?

Here are 5 ideas to get you going!

  • Learn a new sport or activity !

  • Travel to a new place (try it solo!)

  • Join a meetup

  • Attend a new class (at Village Wellness! - see below)

  • Spark up a conversation in the coffee shop

I can't wait to hear about what you end up doing and how it feels! If you are able please share in our Holistic Wellness Group (if you are not a member yet, just request to join!)

See you soon!!




Why your acupuncturist recommends that you wear a scarf...


Why your acupuncturist recommends that you wear a scarf...

If you have been to an acupuncturist or have a grandmother in your life, you know to always wear a scarf in windy or chilly weather.

But why? 

In Chinese Medicine it's understood that disease is carried into the body by wind.

In general, Wind Invasion produces the following symptoms:

  • shivering
  • grinding teeth
  • restlessness
  • pain that moves around
  • seizures/shakes

Cold Wind can produce symptoms like:

  • the common cold
  • shivers
  • sneezing
  • runny nose with clear mucus
  • body aches
  • stiff neck

Hot wind can produce symptoms like 

  • Sensitivity to wind
  • Sore throat 
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Sneezing
  • Body aches
  • Yellow or green mucus

Wind most easily enters and exits the body through points on the back of the neck such as GB 20, Wind Pond. 

If you have symptoms of wind invasion these points can help you feel better and often very quickly.

Keeping Wind out of your system is the best way to stay healthy! The best medicine is prevention so on windy days, listen to your grandmother (or acupuncturist) and wear a scarf!


Stress Management & Craniosacral Therapy


Stress Management & Craniosacral Therapy

Stress Management & Craniosacral Therapy

By Stewart Snyder

Craniosacral Therapy helps stress management by conditioning the central nervous system. It acts as a massage for the body’s messaging system and balances + optimizes the CNS rhythm.

Continued Craniosacral sessions will re-train the brain to process and reset the fight or flight mechanism.

If you imagine a 10 mile drive. If it’s raining. You get caught in traffic. There’s an accident. The 10 miles takes 45 minutes. You wind up late for your appointment despite giving yourself plenty of time. You get out of the car frustrated and agitated. This continues to affect your appointment and the way you move through the day.

On the other hand, if during that same 10 mile drive, the weather is perfect, no traffic, window rolled down and your favorite song comes on the radio. You arrive early to your appointment and the drive feels like a mini-vacation.

Craniosacral Therapy is designed to give all the messages from your body to your brain – and your brain to every place in your body – a smooth path back and forth. So, your day-to-day feels more like the mini-vacation than the frustration and agitation.

Stress Management Science

Our nervous system is designed to help us get out of trouble; it reacts to threats with a stress response called “fight-or-flight” – coined by Walter Bradford Cannon. A series of neurological events triggers the production of cortisol activating the “sympathetic” nervous system – preparing us to fight a security threat or run from a predator. The flood of cortisol increases blood sugars, blood pressure, and boosts energy.

Once out of danger, our Parasympathetic nervous system returns our system back to balance reducing the affects of the cortisol boost.

The Nervous System consists of:

  • the brain

  • the spinal cord

  • the nerves that run throughout the body

The Central Nervous System is typically considered the brain and spinal cord. Both the Sympathetic nervous system and the Parasympathetic nervous system originate in the Spinal Cord.

The Spinal Cord sits in a flexible “skin” called the Dural Tube. The Dural Tube and the Brain contain a fluid – Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). CSF is created by the brain, becomes spent, and is reabsorbed.

We know that our current lifestyle is no longer compatible with our evolution. We just don’t have saber tooth tigers to run from anymore – and our threats to security have more to do with finances than other people – and fist-fighting simply isn’t a socially acceptable response to a parking ticket.

In other words, there’s nothing to trigger the Parasympathetic nervous system back into “control.”

Evolution built this amazing system and our current lifestyle is out of sync with it.

The Theory

The health of your nervous system determines the quality of your human experience.

The Cranialspinal System is proposed to have a pressure-stat model for Cerebrospinal Fluid. That is, it turns on the production of CSF until the system is “full,” then turns the production off until the system is “low.”

This low and full cycling creates a palpable pulse.

The quality of this pulse’s rhythm, strength, and balance determines the overall health of the Central Nervous System. CranioSacral Therapy reads and adjusts this pulse creating a well-functioning nervous system. A well-functioning nervous system is able to turn off the fight-or-flight mechanism and employ the Parasympathetic nervous system.

What People Say:

[CST] improved my ability to move in this world and for that I’m am grateful.

I left feeling relaxed and much more balanced. As an anxious person, being able to relax for a full hour is truly a gift!

[CST] is settling down my overactive system, allowing me to recover rapidly from any experiences that spark anxiety.

Learn More about Craniosacral Therapy

More about the Author, Stewart Snyder