Stress Management & Craniosacral Therapy


Stress Management & Craniosacral Therapy

Stress Management & Craniosacral Therapy

By Stewart Snyder

Craniosacral Therapy helps stress management by conditioning the central nervous system. It acts as a massage for the body’s messaging system and balances + optimizes the CNS rhythm.

Continued Craniosacral sessions will re-train the brain to process and reset the fight or flight mechanism.

If you imagine a 10 mile drive. If it’s raining. You get caught in traffic. There’s an accident. The 10 miles takes 45 minutes. You wind up late for your appointment despite giving yourself plenty of time. You get out of the car frustrated and agitated. This continues to affect your appointment and the way you move through the day.

On the other hand, if during that same 10 mile drive, the weather is perfect, no traffic, window rolled down and your favorite song comes on the radio. You arrive early to your appointment and the drive feels like a mini-vacation.

Craniosacral Therapy is designed to give all the messages from your body to your brain – and your brain to every place in your body – a smooth path back and forth. So, your day-to-day feels more like the mini-vacation than the frustration and agitation.

Stress Management Science

Our nervous system is designed to help us get out of trouble; it reacts to threats with a stress response called “fight-or-flight” – coined by Walter Bradford Cannon. A series of neurological events triggers the production of cortisol activating the “sympathetic” nervous system – preparing us to fight a security threat or run from a predator. The flood of cortisol increases blood sugars, blood pressure, and boosts energy.

Once out of danger, our Parasympathetic nervous system returns our system back to balance reducing the affects of the cortisol boost.

The Nervous System consists of:

  • the brain

  • the spinal cord

  • the nerves that run throughout the body

The Central Nervous System is typically considered the brain and spinal cord. Both the Sympathetic nervous system and the Parasympathetic nervous system originate in the Spinal Cord.

The Spinal Cord sits in a flexible “skin” called the Dural Tube. The Dural Tube and the Brain contain a fluid – Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). CSF is created by the brain, becomes spent, and is reabsorbed.

We know that our current lifestyle is no longer compatible with our evolution. We just don’t have saber tooth tigers to run from anymore – and our threats to security have more to do with finances than other people – and fist-fighting simply isn’t a socially acceptable response to a parking ticket.

In other words, there’s nothing to trigger the Parasympathetic nervous system back into “control.”

Evolution built this amazing system and our current lifestyle is out of sync with it.

The Theory

The health of your nervous system determines the quality of your human experience.

The Cranialspinal System is proposed to have a pressure-stat model for Cerebrospinal Fluid. That is, it turns on the production of CSF until the system is “full,” then turns the production off until the system is “low.”

This low and full cycling creates a palpable pulse.

The quality of this pulse’s rhythm, strength, and balance determines the overall health of the Central Nervous System. CranioSacral Therapy reads and adjusts this pulse creating a well-functioning nervous system. A well-functioning nervous system is able to turn off the fight-or-flight mechanism and employ the Parasympathetic nervous system.

What People Say:

[CST] improved my ability to move in this world and for that I’m am grateful.

I left feeling relaxed and much more balanced. As an anxious person, being able to relax for a full hour is truly a gift!

[CST] is settling down my overactive system, allowing me to recover rapidly from any experiences that spark anxiety.

Learn More about Craniosacral Therapy

More about the Author, Stewart Snyder


Yogi Tea Recipe


Yogi Tea Recipe


I have fond memories of making my first batch of Yogi tea in 2003 with my dear friend and Kundalini Yoga Classmate Matthew Silverman. As we added the spices to the water the house was filled with this unforgettable, intoxicating, delicious aroma.

Nowadays you can purchase prepackaged Yogi Tea from any natural food store. But if you are ever inspired to follow this recipe your house and belly will be blessed with this warm and nourishing brew.

Happy Tea Drinking!!



kundalini yoga philadelphia

Yogi Tea - The Original Recipe from Yogi Bhajan

Everybody's favorite! Good for the blood, colon, nervous system, and bones. Good for colds, flu, and physical weakness.

This recipe makes 1 cup

  • 10 ounces water

  • 2 slices fresh ginger root (internally heating)

  • 3 cloves

  • 4 green cardamon pods,

  • 4 black peppercorns

  • I/2 stick cinnamon

  • 1/4 teaspoon black tea (a teabag)

  • I /2 cup milk or equivalent

  • Honey, to taste (optional)

Bring the water to a boil and add the spices. Cover and continue boiling for 10-15minutes. Remove from heat, add black tea, and let steep for 1-2 minutes. Add honey and milk, bring to a boil, and remove from heat. Strain and serve.


Your Year Compass (download) - Gain wisdom from the past year and plan for the new year


Your Year Compass (download) - Gain wisdom from the past year and plan for the new year

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” ― Gloria Steinem

Like many folks, I find this time to be fantastic for assessing the past year and dreaming into the next. 

Last year I used this handy dandy planner called the Year Compass (see below) and I loved it! So Im making some time today to complete my compass. I recommended printing it out, if you are able, and setting aside a few hours for the project!

As we move forward into the new year, the Village Wellness crew and I promise to continue our mission of providing the highest quality holistic services and treatments for all of your wellness needs.

Our goal is that you walk out of here happier, more relaxed, and feeling better than you ever have before.

Please know that we truly value and love every single one of our patients. 

Thank you for being you!!! We're going to have a great year!

Wishing you and yours an AMAZING 2019!!!!!

With deep gratitude.

Lance and the Village Wellness Team of Practitioners 

"YearCompass is a (free) booklet that helps close your year and plan the next one. In the routine of everyday life it's easy to lose sight of your true goals and aspirations.

And even though we all have dreams, only a few of us plan for them. Effectively, at least.

YearCompass works simply. Using questions and exercises rooted in psychology it takes you through the past year, then helps you turn your dreams into achievable goals.”

Download the Year Compass


Lance's Winter Letter 2018


Lance's Winter Letter 2018

I hope you are feeling wonderful and enjoying your winter holiday experience!

Honestly, It's been a challenging, rich, and deep time for me, as my family grieves the loss of our beloved dog, Nimbus. This beautiful and wild soul that I have had the privilege to walk beside for the past 12.5 years departed this earthy realm on Wednesday morning. We had a beautiful and heartbreaking end of life ceremony at home. 


The grief process over the loss of a pet is often made harder because there is not a lot of cultural permission to grieve fully for an animal. But my experience with patients in the treatment room proves that the grief we feel is directly proportionate with the depth of love we have, whether that is for a person, an animal, a plant, or our planet. 

I am SO grateful to you, my beloved community of friends, family, and patients for your amazing care, support, and kindness for Amy, Luna, myself, and anyone else who is grieving the loss of a beloved. Community support matters so much, as uncomfortable as our culture is with death it is the only guaranteed part of life for each and every one of us. 

In Five Element Acupuncture wisdom, Autumn (the Metal Element) holds the energy of death, decay, letting go, and grief. In Fall, The leaves drop as the trees let go of the non-essential Qi in order to preserve their vitality for the colder months ahead. In nature, that death become compost to feed future growth. 

Between death (Fall) and new life (Spring) there is a pause, that we call Winter (the Water Element). In the woods, it is a time of quiet, stillness, and rejuvenation.  Luna has already asked if we can get another dog and our answer is simply, not yet. The truth is we need time to mourn the loss of Nimbus AND then a time for stillness, pause, empty space. Perhaps after that moment there will be room for someone new. 

I invite you to lean on the natural flow of our seasonal energy. Use the current stillness of nature, the hibernating animals, the quiet bulbs and seeds, the dormancy, to foster the much needed qualities of stillness, peace, patience, and depth in us.  

[For more information about the 5 elements please download a complimentary copy of my book: 5 element Acupuncture and You! (Use the coupon code: 'ancientwisdom')]

Enjoy these short days and long nights. 
Recharge your battery…
so you can generate vital energy - Qi - that will lead to feeling sustained in body, mind, and spirit.  

If you are a current acupuncture patient, the next month is a wonderful time to come in for a special Winter acupuncture treatment. We will gently reset your system, align you with the energetic of the season, and nurture the Kidney Qi – our vital energy.  This will greatly enhance the body's ability to thrive in times of stress, aid in healing, prevent illness and increase vitality. 

If you are a new patient, now is the perfect time to jump into sessions to help you feel your very best! Simply use our fancy online booking system or give us a ring at (610) 203-3747

Thank you so much for being part of our little wellness community! 

Wishing you and your beloveds happy holidays, and a new year filled with vitality, wellness, abundance, and new possibilities in this precious life of ours. 

With deep gratitude,


Lance David Isakov
Founder, Acupuncturist


lots of feelings – dreaming of the future


lots of feelings – dreaming of the future

Dearest VW Community,

Tara, our new VW astrologer said that according to my chart, I'm entering a very emotional time. Well, it's true....I'm verklempt.

As we approach the end of the year, I have been reflecting on all the beautiful friendships and healing relationships that have been built at Village Wellness. I just feel so honored to have you all in my life and to be part of this little village.

I am on a mission to make 2019 even better, and I would love your help! Please take 4 minutes and complete this little survey.

Everyone who completes it will be given a present! 🎁 

And, did I mention how amazing our practitioners are?! On Friday, we had a practitioner hangout dinner...Wow! I just feel so lucky to be surrounded by such compassionate, wise, and caring healers. I hope everyone has a chance to get to know each and every one of them!

Here's what I have on the docket for 2019 so far:

  1. Acupuncture Fees
    Good News: I am not raising our fees this year for Private OR Community Acupuncture - yayayayay!
    Better News: I am lowering our fees by reintroducing our awesome membership program

  2. Acupuncture Availability
    We currently have acupuncture every single day of the week and community acupuncture 5 days a week. In 2019 we are adding even more later evening hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 

    I am also personally, adding new hours on Mondays starting in January, for private acupuncture and esoteric acupuncture 

  3. INTRODUCING The Village Wellness School of Healing Arts (more info TBA)
    We are in the process of creating a school to train folks in the healing arts, including, Reiki, Shamanism, Yoga, and holistic medicine. Our intention is to bring even more wellness and deep healing relationships into our communities, by empowering you to cultivate your healing gifts. The plan is to offer in-depth apprenticeships, trainings, classes, certifications, self-care sessions, and more! It all gets kicked off in February with our Reiki Practitioner Certification Training for Parents - Level One

  4. INTRODUCING Corporate Wellness Initiative - Our goal is to bring the Village to the people! If you know an organization who may be interested, please share or email me for more info. Our corporations need to re-instate holistic care in their operations.

Well, I can't wait to journey forward with you!

Wishing you and your beloveds a fantastic Holiday season!

May you be well!
May you be light!
May you feel amazing!

And remember, feeling better is just the beginning...

Lots of love,
Lance David Isakov, Founder, Acupuncturist

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or give us a ring anytime to chat! (610) 203-3747

Village News

  1. Nominate us for Best of the Main Line! Please write us in under Acupuncture!

  2. Our Reiki Raffle Ends in a couple days  ENTER HERE.... and for those who enter and want to schedule a session asap - just write "entered raffle" when you book online this week. If you win, it will be free, if not we will give you $32 off as a thank you for participating! 

  3. More Insurance coverage for acupuncture in PA starting in 2019!!!!  In Particular, some Independence Blue Cross and Highmark Plans. We are encouraging all of our patients to check with their insurance provider as well! LEARN MORE

  4. To Celebrate his new Wednesday hours our wonderful CranioSacral Practitioner Stewart is offering 'Pay What You Want Wednesdays through December! LEARN MORE

  5. Check out our most popular posts in our Wellness Blog & on the Socials: Facebook & Instagram


Try our Private Acupuncture Membership Program - back by popular demand


Try our Private Acupuncture Membership Program - back by popular demand

Hi folks,

I'm excited to announce that our acupuncture monthly membership programs are back for a limited time! It’s an awesome way to invest in your health, save money, and commit to taking breaks for the self-care that lets you show up better in the rest of your life! 

Heres how the Private Acupuncture Membership Works. :
Its pretty simple.

  • You enroll online or in the office.

  • On the 1st of each month, we will automatically deduct $180 from your credit, debit card, or bank using MoonClerk which provides bank level security.

  • There is no contract, the plan is month to month, and you can un-enroll anytime online through your account page or contacting us.

What you get:

  • (2) acupuncture sessions (automatically saving $30)

  • Unlimited additional discounted sessions at $90 each (saving $15 each).

That means if you come weekly, you instantly save $60 per month! Which, by the way, invested at 10% with compounding interest makes you an extra million bucks in only 50 years!  You're welcome =)

But wait... there's more :)
You also have access to The Village Wellness Rewards Program. Here, members receive exclusive offers to other holistic minded businesses in our community.

So what do you think? Want to try out our membership program?
You can enroll right now and though the membership plan officially starts the following month, if you enroll today you will receive $15 off any private acupuncture sessions through the rest of the current month! Woohoo! 

Ready to get Started?
Simply enroll online at the Acupuncture Membership Page.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Lots of Love,

acupuncturist bryn mawr


Lance Isakov, M.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
Co-Founder, Licensed Acupuncturist

P.S. Here's Our Mission Statement:
Village Wellness is committed to enhancing wellness in our community by providing access to the best holistic medicine services.  We also strive to enable our practitioners to thrive in a healthy and supportive environment. 

Our holistic approach means that we address healing at all levels of self – mind, body, and spirit. We approach each of our patients, clients, and students with the utmost respect and non-judgmental care.

Whether you come in with pain, anxiety, or trying to figure out your life purpose, we are here in service. 

We believe that feeling better is just the beginning of the journey. Our utmost goal is to help you truly thrive.




{Winter Horaries} Activate the following points on Dec 21st between 3 and 7 pm!


{Winter Horaries} Activate the following points on Dec 21st between 3 and 7 pm!

Join us for our special Water Horary Community Acupuncture Session on the 21st! 4:30-5:30 pm

On the Winter Solstice, we have a very special opportunity to do an acupuncture or acupressure treatment called "Water Horaries." (Learn more about Horaries below)

How to apply acupressure to the Winter Horary points

  1. Create Sacred Space at the right time: On the Winter Solstice anytime between 3:00 and 7:00pm, find a quiet space where you can be meditative and still.

  2. Sit comfortably and begin deepening your breath and relaxing your body.

  3. When you're ready, activate the following 2 points, one at a time, by gently pressing and holding each spot for 3 minutes.

    Bladder 66: Penetrating Valley – a place to clear away that which no longer serves, release fear, and free obstacles in our path. Located on the side of the foot at the base of the pinky toe. (see pic)

    Kidney 10: Yin Valley – a place to restore calm when there is overwhelm in the mind, emotions, or spirit. Located on the inside of the knee (see pic)

More About Horaries
In Five Element Acupuncture we work with the balance and relationship of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

Each of these elements are correlated to a season where that particular energy is at its peak.

The energy peaks for

  • Fire in the Summer

  • Earth in the Late Summer

  • Metal in the Fall

  • Water in the Winter

  • Wood in the spring.

(Psst! Learn more about these Elements in my book: Five Element Acupuncture & You - use the code "ancientwisdom" at checkout to get a FREE copy!)

The energy of our body also peaks in different organ systems during a 24 hour time period we call the Chinese Body Clock

A horary treatment takes advantage of this energetic timing to profoundly influence the body. 

For example we can deeply effect the Water element within a person by using the water point on the water meridians at the water time of day (3-7 pm) at the peak of the water time of year (Winter Solstice). This will help powerfully root a person in the seasonal energetic of Winter and bring balance to the Water Element.  

When Water is out of balance you may feel excessive fear or a struggle to survive. You may experience low energy, deep fatigue, exhaustion, reduced sex drive, lack of trust, and timidity. You may have kidney or bladder problems, hypertension, infertility, and/or back pain.

When Water is in balance you have the gifts of wisdom, stillness, patience, potency, listening, and appropriate fear. You have a greater sense of trust and it's easier to be still. You move slower in healthy ways and create time for introspection and peace; for making room for what's next.

Let me know how it goes! Or if you have any questions! Have an amazing Solstice!!

Lots of Love,

Lance Isakov, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., CYT
Village Wellness. a little healing oasis on the main line.
(610) 203-3747


Ayurvedic Kitcheri Recipe - the perfect winter cleanse


Ayurvedic Kitcheri Recipe - the perfect winter cleanse

Mung Beans & Rice Cleansing Diet
from Yogi Bhajan, Founder of Kundalini Yoga

  • Eat only mung beans and rice for 7 days (up to 30) as a mono-diet. Cook with lots of vegetables. Yogi Bhajan says,” You Americans are rich. You should put lots of vegetables in your mung beans and rice.” A good cleansing diet that gives plenty of nourishment.

  • A good cleansing diet that gives plenty of nourishment.

  • Good for the kidneys, colon, and digestive organs, or when food is not being digested thoroughly by the intestines.

  • Good diet for winter (make it spicy)

  • May have fruit in between meals for snack. Also may have yogi tea.

Yogic Guidlines for Preparing Food

  1. Prepare your food with love and care.

  2. Eat in a pleasant, relaxing environment

  3. Serve the food Gracefully

  4. Take a minute to reflect upon your gratitude for the gift of this food

  5. Take the time to eat consciously.


Makes 8 servings

  • 1 Cup Mung Beans

  • 1 Cup Basmati Rice

  • 9 Cups Water

  • 6-7 Cups assorted Vegetables

Masala Spice Mixture:

  • ¼ Cup Ghee, Butter, or Coconut Oil

  • 4-5 Cloves of fresh Garlic, crushed in a press

  • 1-2 Onions, Chopped

  • 1 finger fresh Ginger root, peeled and minced

  • 1 1/2 Tsp Tumeric

  • 1 1/2 Tsp Cumin powder

  • 3/4 Tsp Ground Coriander seed

  • Seeds of 5 Green Cardamon Pods (or 3/4 tsp powder)

  • 1 Tsp Black Pepper

  • ½ Tsp Crushed Red Chilies (more if you like spicy OR omit completely if you don’t like it hot)

  • 1 – 1 1/2 Tbsp Sea Salt


  • Add salt to water in a large stew pot and bring water to a light boil.

  • Wash Mung beans, carefully removing any tiny stones.

  • Rinse Basmati Rice at least three times to remove starch.

  • Set mung beans and rice aside.

  • Chop assorted vegetables.

(Prepare the Masala Mixture while waiting for water to boil)

  • Heat Ghee (or Oil) in a large frying pan (preferrably cast iron.)

  • Add garlic (using press), chopped onions, and Ginger and saute under a medium flame. When Onions, Garlic and Ginger are translucent, add Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander, Cardamon, Crushed Chilies and Black Pepper; mix well.

  • When all spices are absorbed shut off flame and let sit for 5 min, covered.

(When water begins to boil)

yogic cleanse
  • Add mung beans to boiling water.

  • Reduce flame to simmering and cover and boil until the beans start to soften and open, (15-20 min.)

  • Add Masala Mixture to water with mung beans and vegetables.

  • Simmer for 20-30 minutes until soupy.

  • Add rice and cook an additional 15-20 min until rice is absorbed.

  • Shut off and let set 15-20 min.

  • Serve with fresh yogurt (or sour cream.)

About the Trinity Roots + 1: Onions, Garlic, and Ginger (and Tumeric)


The onion was considered by the Egyptians to be a symbol of the uni­verse. The word onion is derived from the Latin word unus-one. Through the centuries, onions and onion juice were recommended to cure earache, colds, fever, laryngitis, warts and cancer. Onions are said to stimulate the pro­duction of blood, to purify the blood and to help keep blood sugar balanced.


Ginger has been used since before the days of Rome. It was said that it cured the troubles of love and prolonged life. King Henry VIII recommended it as a prevention against the plague. A medicine as well as a spice, today it is widely used as a digestive stimulant. Ginger is especially helpful to women, providing energy and relieving tensions associated with menstrual cramps. Ginger root nourishes the nerves of the body and allows them to carry more energy. It keeps the spine and cere­brospinal fluid healthy.


It has long been recorded that garlic is a sacred and powerful herb. Egyptians used to swear by it when they were taking a solemn vow. Roman physi­cians claimed that it cured 61 ailments. Modern science is revealing its mar­velous healing properties. Since the turn of the century, garlic and garlic extracts have been used against gas­trointestinal disorders, septic poison­ ing, typhus, cholera, bacterial infec­tions and even cancer. Investigations by Russian scientists have made garlic oil so popular in their country that it is referred to as "Russian penicillin." Garlic increases and stimulates the pro­duction of semen, essential for sexual potency and healthy nerves.


Turmeric. Lubricant for the joints. Good for skin and mucus membranes. Always cook before eating, or mix it thoroughly into yogurt. Add honey to taste.



Welcome Laurie Elder! Our new Reiki Master Teacher

Hey beautiful community!

Hope you are having a wonderful moment! I am currently enjoying a delicious, aromatic, cup of homemade Yogi Tea. Its so warming and delicious!  

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our Village Wellness All-Star team of seasoned practitioners... Laurie Elder, Reiki Master Teacher! 

Reiki Master Philadelphia, Main Line

Reiki Master & Teacher

Laurie has been practicing Reiki, a powerful form of energy medicine, for 18 years and teaching it for 12.

Laurie is already scheduling clients! Read her amazing story, Learn about Reiki, and check out her full schedule –> The Magical Wolrd of Reiki at Village Wellness

Im ALSO super excited because Laurie and I are in the process of putting the finishing touches on our AMAZING new, in-depth, Village Wellness Reiki Training Program, with Level One slated to start in February! Its open to absolutely anyone interested in learning this potent healing art.  

To sum it all up....Laurie  is a fantastic human and healer and I can't wait for you to meet her!

To sum it all up....Laurie  is a fantastic human and healer and I can't wait for you to meet her!

See ya around the Village!
five element acupuncturist

P.S. Enter our Raffle and have a chance to WIN a full in-depth Astrology Session with the amazing Tara! Check it out! Drawing will be Dec

P.P.S. Join the fun and hang with us on Instagram and/or Facebook

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Village News

  1. We now have acupuncture every single day of the week! Including weekends! and a brand new looooong day of community acupuncture on Fridays! Use the purple button above to book!

  2. Our wonderful Holistic Psychotherapist, Page has opened up a few hours on Monday afternoon for new clients! Check out her availability (she gets booked up fast!) 

  3. Looking for some guidance in your life? A big VW welcome to our amazing new VIllage Wellness Astrologer,  Tara! She is an insightful and intuitive astrologer! Book a session!

  4. We will be offering Pennsylvania's first, Medicinal Cannabis journeying experience, for card holders only, on Nov. 30th (see below for all the details). If you know anyone who may qualify and be interested please share this email!


Do you feel grateful? Chances are you suffer less too...


Do you feel grateful? Chances are you suffer less too...

gratitude philadelphia

What are the benefits of a grateful outlook? A study (PDF), by the Universities of California and Miami set out to examine just that. Here is what they found.

1. Weekly Graditute. One study focused on people who were to write down, on a weekly basis, 5 things they were grateful for from the previous week. They found that "weekly benefit listing was associated with more positive and optimistic appraisals of one’s life, more time spent exercising, and fewer reported physical symptoms."

2. Daily Graditude.  In Study 2, people were asked to complete a survey every evening regarding what they were grateful for.  This group had even more positive affects including more interpersonal benefits. "People led to focus on their blessings were also more likely to report having helped someone with a personal problem or offered emotional support to another, suggesting prosocial motivation as a consequence of the gratitude induction."

3. NMD and Gratidude. The third study focused on people with Neuromuscular Disease. They were also asked to report their gratidutes daily. The results were "in greater levels of positive affect, more sleep, better sleep quality, and greater optimism and a sense of connectedness to others. In Study 3, we even found that the gratitude intervention led to reductions in negative affect."


4 Clinically Proven Benefits Of Reiki Therapy


4 Clinically Proven Benefits Of Reiki Therapy

4 Clinically Proven Benefits Of Reiki Therapy
By Lance Isakov, M.Ac. L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.,

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It works with life force energy the subtle electrical flow that keeps us moving. If one's life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki  balances your whole system including body, emotions, mind and spirit. When in balance, your own self-healing mechanisms function at their very best.

The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words - Rei, which means ‘Universal energy’, and Ki, which is ‘life force energy’, so Reiki is actually ‘spiritually guided life force energy’. Reiki is administered by "laying on hands" and promotes healing by helping the body to balance itself from a very deep level, restoring physical and emotional well-being

Reiki has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Reiki has been scientifically shown to decrease pain levels, speed healing and relax the mind and body.

Here are 4 clinically proven benefit of Reiki. 

  1. Reiki Helps with Pain, Fatigue, and Anxiety. A study conducted by The University of Calgary demonstrated that Reiki Client going through Cancer treatment “experienced significant improvements in quality of life”  as compared to a group of recovering patients that simply rested without Reiki. The study found  “significant decreases in tiredness, pain, and anxiety, which were not seen in the resting condition.” 

  2. Reiki significantly decreased Blood Pressure. A study at The Institute of Neurological Sciences, found that the “Heart rate and diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly in the Reiki group compared to both placebo and control groups.” 

  3. Reiki provides longterm relief for Depression and Stress.  In a clinical study on the long-term effects of energetic healing on symptoms of psychological depression and self-perceived stress “showed a significant reduction in symptoms of psychological distress in treatment groups as compared with controls and these differences continued to be present 1 year later of Reiki performed.”

  4. Reiki provides support as much as some Beta Blocker Drugs for those recovering from a Heart Attack. Study by Yale University in  found that “The Reiki effect on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) after a Heart Attack  was similar to that of propranolol in the BHAT (Beta Blocker Heart Attack Trial.)” The Study was done in an acute care setting and found that the “Reiki treatment was associated with an increase from baseline in mean Likert scale score for all positive emotional states (happy, relaxed, calm) and reductions for all negative states (stressed, angry, sad, frustrated, worried, scared, anxious).”

Reiki De-mystified

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

Reiki encourages one to let go of tension, anxiety, and fear thereby  providing a profound sense of peace and wellbeing.  Clients typically report feelings of positivity, balance, and deep relaxation. Some even feel a wonderful glowing radiance after a treatment .

How does it work?

Reiki is positive energy that flows into the client’s body through the hands of the practitioner. This balances the energy in the body and activates the body’s own healing abilities.

How many sessions should I have?

Just one session can change be a powerful support!  Initially, receiving Reiki more often can be beneficial if you are feeling anxiety, tension, or pain. Typically clients come weekly for 1 month and then begin to space out sessions to bi-weekly and then monthly. Eventually you will have a sense of when you need a session.

What are the benefits of Reiki? Here are just a few of the many examples:

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Increased Mental Clarity

  • Personal Ability to Grow

  • A Sense of Calm or Balance

  • Emotional Healing & Stability

  • Clearing & Balancing of Chakras

  • Can Provide Relief from Chronic Pain

  • Boosts & Strengthens the Immune System

  • Compliments & Supports Conservative Medical Treatment

  • Helps the body deal with side effects of conventional medications

  • Helps to Deal with Suppressed or Blocked Emotions & Feelings

  • Reduces Stress, Tension, Anxiety, & General Emotional Distress

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Welcome Tara!! Our new Village Wellness Astrologer! 🌙


Welcome Tara!! Our new Village Wellness Astrologer! 🌙

We are over the Scorpio Moon excited to welcome the amazing Tara Vogel, Certified Astrologer and Certified Professional Coach to our Village Wellness team of practitioners! 

Astrology is the ancient practice of mapping where the celestial bodies were in the sky at the moment of your birth. Your astrological natal (birth) chart is essentially the blueprint of your soul and it can be used as a personalized map of YOU  throughout your lifetime. 

It gives you information about your character, relationships, talents and career, your blind spots, the lessons you’re here to learn and your life purpose.   It reflects the potential of your soul and can be used as a powerful tool to understand yourself and what’s happening in your life at a deeper level. Your natal chart is uniquely living and breathing energetic representation of you! 

tara vogel

Tara has a unique knack of helping her clients get a bigger picture of who they are and the gifts they present to life. People often come to her when they are facing challenges, big decisions, feel disconnected to their purpose, or want to have a little more clarity in their life. 

Folks who came to the open house yesterday evening had a chance to receive a mini-reading with Tara - and were totally blown away! 

Tara is currently accepting new clients! Learn more about Tara and Astrology and maybe even try a session out - you will not be disappointed! Learn more –>

See you soon...If it is in the stars ✨ 
With lots of love,
five element acupuncturist

P.S. we have just a couple more spots open for our past life regression class with Sue King this Sunday - if you are interested  see below for the details. 

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Village News

  1. We had an AMAZING open house this past weekend! thank you to everyone who came out! 

  2. We are excited to announce our New Reiki Practitioner Training Program!  Our Reiki One Training will be an in-depth 3 month program slated to start in February. If you are interested in knowing more, reply and let me know!

  3. We will be offering Pennsylvania's first, Medicinal Cannabis Jouneying workshop, for card holders only, on Nov. 30th (see below for all the details). If you know anyone who may qualify and be interested please share this email!


Why I love to hold your hand in the treatment room


Why I love to hold your hand in the treatment room

Here is the second in a series of articles to help explain particular aspects of Chinese Medicine to my patients! As those of you who have come in for acupuncture know, I spend quite a lot of time with diagnostics including reading your pulses and looking at your tongue. This helps me find the root cause of your upset and gives me information to treat you effectively and safely. Today we will talk about PULSES, next time we'll talk about our tongues!

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is sadly a disappearing art. Mostly because it is quit difficult, requires an extraordinary amount of sensitivity and knowledge and takes a long time to learn. I have been particularly fascinated with this diagnostic technique and have done years of extra in-depth study with an amazing pulse master fine tuning my skills. 

Okay, this is amazing...when I read your radial (wrist) pulse, not only am I reading the rate, rhythm, and intensity of pulse, but  I am also reading at least 12 different individual pulses - in six positions and two depths (see pic below) When read this way the pulse gives insight into each of the major organ systems of the body.

By comparing the different pulses we can get a really precise idea of how the systems in your body are relating to each other. Are some organ systems compensating for poor functioning ones? Are there blocks in the flow of energy? All of this data provides valuable information in determining the root cause of your pain or upset and tells me exactly where I need to place the needles to help you feel better and even THRIVE!

Cool right?


heres a simple example of how this can work! Check it out...

In the body the Liver Meridian feeds into the Lung Meridian. So if we feel like the deep middle pulse on the left hand (Liver) is excessive (too much energy) and the deep 1st pulse on the right hand (Lung) is deficient (too little energy) we know that there is a block thats building up in the liver channel and preventing energy from going into the Lung channel. Make sense?

So how would this show up from the patient's perspective? Because the Liver organ system is responsible for anger, and the Qi is damned up there, I can guarantee that this patient is feeling very frustrated. If left untreated this can turn into other upsets down the line like depression, hopelessness, resentment, headaches, visual problems, muscle and tendon pain, and breathing issues. 

Using acupuncture we can get rid of the damn and help the patient feel better instantly! 

Pretty Cool right?!!

If you are wondering about your pulses and want to come in for a diagnostic session simply book online, come in, and I can take a look. 


❤&nbsp;What is the best time to make love... According to Chinese Medicine?


❤ What is the best time to make love... According to Chinese Medicine?

❤ What is the best time to make love... According to Chinese Medicine?
By Lance Isakov, M.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher

Did you know that according to Chinese Medicine there is a best time to poop! There is also a best time to eat, to nap, to dream, to meditate and even to make love! I remember being wowed the first time I learned about the Law of Midday/Midnight or The Chinese Clock as its commonly known. Qi moves through the body just like a wave moves through water. The crest of this wave circulates through particular organ systems at different times of the day.

For example from 5-7 am, there is a greater amount of Qi in the Large Intestine. How is this helpful? Well, if you suffer from constipation, you will be more likely to move your bowels at 6 am than at any other time of day!

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? The stomach Qi is strongest from 7-9 am! It is easier to digest anything in the am! At the opposite time, from 7-9 PM the qi is lowest in the stomach, that is why a light dinner is beneficial!

What can you do instead of eating a big dinner? Make love! From 7-9 pm the Qi is in the Heart Protector/Circulation Sex function of the body! This function is responsible for relationships, communication, and the birds and the bees =)

So here are 3 more examples:
Best Time to Meditate: 3-5 Am - Lung time - Connection to Spirit/Breath 
Best Time to Nap: 3-5 PM  - Siesta time! When the Qi is in the Bladder - the storehouse of energy in the body!
Best Time to Dream/be creative: 1-3 AM: Qi in the Liver - creativity and the wandering etheric body (Hun). (know any artists who like to create at that time of the morning?)

What time is it now? check the clock below to see what you could be doing! and if you have any questions feel free to ask! If you are wondering about the health of your internal Chinese Clock, simply book an appointment online, come in  and I can take a look. 


Why your acupuncturist recommends that you wear a scarf...


Why your acupuncturist recommends that you wear a scarf...

If you have been to an acupuncturist or have a grandmother in your life, you know to always wear a scarf in windy or chilly weather.

But why? 

In Chinese Medicine it's understood that disease is carried into the body by wind.

In general, Wind Invasion produces the following symptoms:

  • shivering
  • grinding teeth
  • restlessness
  • pain that moves around
  • seizures/shakes

Cold Wind can produce symptoms like:

  • the common cold
  • shivers
  • sneezing
  • runny nose with clear mucus
  • body aches
  • stiff neck

Hot wind can produce symptoms like 

  • Sensitivity to wind
  • Sore throat 
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Sneezing
  • Body aches
  • Yellow or green mucus

Wind most easily enters and exits the body through points on the back of the neck such as GB 20, Wind Pond. 

If you have symptoms of wind invasion these points can help you feel better and often very quickly.

Keeping Wind out of your system is the best way to stay healthy! The best medicine is prevention so on windy days, listen to your grandmother (or acupuncturist) and wear a scarf!


The 13 Ghost Points of Sun Si-Miao


The 13 Ghost Points of Sun Si-Miao

acupuncture main line phladelphia

The 13 Ghost Points were developed in the 6th century by physician Sun Si-Miao to treat mental disorders that were thought to be caused by spirit possession. Sun Si-Miao shifted the idea of spirit possession as a cause of illness, to the idea of having too much phlegm, and invasion of wind, heat, and dampness in the body. He also understood the points serve to cultivate your sense of self through your lifetime.

Each ghost point has a specific use and are often used together to help anxiety, overwhelm, dizziness, or even not feeling like yourself.

In our day and age, I see these points as helping to bring a deeper connection to one's self, and a feeling of rootedness in one's path. We wouldn’t be where we are without those who came before us, so honoring the ancestors is an important part of finding oneself. I find these points help create space in an overwhelmed nervous system which so many of us experience these days.


Grass Fed Bone Broth Recipe - Health starts in your Gut!


Grass Fed Bone Broth Recipe - Health starts in your Gut!

From Chinese Medicine to "Jewish penicillin" (chicken soup), bone broth has been an important natural and holistic remedy in traditional medicines. Over the last few years the amazing benefits of bone broth have come into the mainstream.

Packed with nutrients, minerals, amino acids (Proline & Glycine) , bone broth can:

  • help improve our digestion

  • ease allergies

  • strengthen our immune health

  • support our brain function

  • reduce cellulite

  • re-mineralize our teeth

  • increase hair growth and strengthen hair

  • heal our connective tissue

  • help build our bones

How to make your own bone broth

These days you can actually pruchase good quality, grass-fed, bone broth at your local natural foods store. But Bone broth is super easy to make and will save you some big bucks in the long run! Here's my recipe!!

Note on Grass-Fed meat: I highly recommend getting bones from grass-fed animals. This is because pesticides and hormones get stored in the marrow of the bone. Getting grass-fed non-hormone treated meat and bones will help ensure we don't ingest these unnecessary substances.


bone broth
  • 4 quarts water

  • 2 lbs Grass Fed Marrow Bones or chicken bones. (ask your butcher, or order from a local farm -(Philly area farm)

  • 1-2 stalks celery

  • 1 onion

  • 2 carrots

  • 2 TBS of Apple Cider Vinager (important - to help draw out the minerals)

  • OPTIONAL to tase: Salt, Pepper, favorite herbs, garlic


  1. If you are using beef bones, you can roast the bones in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 350°

  2. Place bones in Large pot or crock pot.

  3. add all ingredients

  4. cook for 24-48 hours (or use an instapot to shorten the time) -

  5. strain and enjoy

Bone broth will stay good in the fridge for 4-5 days otherwise you can freeze it! you can also make other soups out of the broth! add veggies or make pho!

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!

To your health!,




The 3 part breath for overwhelm & anxiety


The 3 part breath for overwhelm & anxiety

by Lance Isakov, L.Ac.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety, the 3 part breathing technique and me are best buds. It really helps to bring instantaneous calm to moments of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. I have taught this breath to hundreds of patients, it's simple, potent, and brings a calm focus when done right. 

The 3 part breath is actually a teaching tool to make use of you entire lung. The lungs go from the bottom of the rib cage all the way up to the collar bone. Our goal is to fill the entire lung in a smooth and easy breath. 

  • Sit up comfortably and easily, breathing gently through your nose.
  • Imagine your belly is like a bellow. as you expand your belly the breath falls in and as you pull your navel center in and up the breath pushes out.
  • PART 1 - Belly - Place a hand over the belly button. Now as you expand your belly allow the breath to fall in. Hold briefly and exhale by squeezing the navel center towards the spine.
  • PART 2. Chest-  Place a hand on your chest. Do Part 1. Hold. Now inhale even more by expanding the upper chest. Hold gently and exhale, chest then belly.
  • PART 3. Colar Bone. Part 1 Inhale. Hold. Part 2 Inhale. Hold. Then inhale a tiny bit more into the very top of the lungs under the collar bone. You will notice that the heart center wants to lift and the shoulders want to drop down and back. Exhale!
  • PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. Without holding, Inhale Part 1, Inhale part 2, Inhale Part 3, Exhale part 3, 2, and 1. You will have a smooth breath that fills the entire lung. 
  • Continue for 3-5 minutes or as long as you are comfortable. 




We Care - 20% off sessions for survivors of assault [no questions asked]


We Care - 20% off sessions for survivors of assault [no questions asked]

bene brown

We are living through interesting times. It's painful to see such a lack of care for human decency and it can be re-traumatizing for survivors to hear the conversations around sexual assault that populate the media these days.

Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine can be an amazing tool for easing trauma, whether it happened yesterday or 35 years ago. To learn more about the many ways acupuncture can help please read our acupuncture page.

Now through the end of November we are offering 20% off to all survivors of rape or sexual assault, no questions asked.

When booking your appointment simply write “WeCare” in the notes section - or mention “We Care” when checking out and we will extend this discount.

As of now WeCare can be applied to the following:

  • Community Acupuncture

  • Private Acupuncture

  • Cranio Sacral Sessions

This is for ALL survivors, whether you reported it or not, whether you were believed or not. No questions asked.

It has never been more clear that we are the people we have been waiting for. Thank you for being part of creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible and allowing us to support you all in this way.