“This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness.” ― Dalai Lama

was inspired recently by the Dalai Lama to be more kind. What an amazing challenge! What is life like when we consistently focus on being kind?...well thats what this 10 day challenge is designed to answer!

Join your fellow Wayne Family Wellness members and dive in to a FREE 10 day VIRTUAL challenge that will get you feeling Truly ALIVE!

Here is what we are going to do! 
Starting on November 15 and for 10 days STRAIGHT we will follow these guidelines:

1. For 10 Days we will keep a KINDNESS journal.
2. Each day take 5 minutes in the am to jot down some ways you are going to express kindness that day. 
3. Each day before sleep we will jot down all the ways we were Kind and note how it makes us feels

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B. Every Day share at least 1 way you expressed kindness or intend to express kindnesson the  Let's Get Healthy Together Facebook Page.

So what can you do today that will create a contagious energy of kindness?

Here are some ideas to get you started...

  • pay someone's parking meter 
  • go out of your way to be nice to someone or help someone
  • hold the door open for someone
  • buy a stranger a coffee
  • give someone your place in line
  • SMILE more
  • express your gratitude more
  • leave some money on the street
  • invite someone to dinner
  • listen to someone who want to be heard
  • volunteer
  • give your favorite book to someone
  • randomly give flowers 


P.S. Did you know that kindness is good for you! Did you know it can make you HAPPIER?! check out this short video

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