With Damini Celebre

Many of you know that I work with the Elements: In addition to being a Shamanic teacher, I am also Five Element Acupuncturist. Five Element Acupuncture strives to keep a person in harmony with the Five seasons/ the Five movements of life. The Five Elements are Wood (Spring), Fire (Summer), Earth (Late Summer), Metal (Autumn), Water (Winter). When you are in harmony with each season, you are in harmony with your life and your destiny.

On March 16, I am offering a free conference call to learn about the Element of Spring.

Join me, as we journey to the spirit of Spring to find out how you can connect with and be in better relationship with this season. We will ask the Spring for one word, phrase, or symbol that will help keep you in harmony as we. Plus I will share some other tips to stay centered during this time of sprouting.

Join in!...

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Oh, have some colors pencils and paper with your during the call.