Essential wholeness is nurtured through regular and sustained connectedness
to our physical, mental, energetic and spiritual selves.
~ Dr. Page

Holistic Psychotherapy

With Dr. Page Buck, LSW , Holistic Psychotherapist, Wellness Partner, Certified Yoga Teacher

What is Holistic Psychotherapy?

Holistic psychotherapy is a blend of talk-based and body-based therapy that allows individuals the opportunity to to reach their deepest level of health and wellness.

What does Holistic Psychotherapy treat?

Holistic therapy is appropriate for anyone seeking support for issues related to anxiety, depression, chronic illness, addiction, physical pain, relationships, parenting, and stress management. While some clients have specific issues that they want to address, many feel a general sense of unwellness and imbalance. Holistic psychotherapy is designed to promote healing when the path towards wellness feels hard, or maybe impossible, to navigate alone. 

Holistic psychotherapy is emerging as a leading modality for healing. It is offered at some of the world’s leading medical centers including the Cleveland Clinic.

How is Holistic Psychotherapy different?

  • Holistic Psychotherapy leverages the innate strengths and gifts that each client has to support health and wellness rather than focusing on deficiencies and pathology.

  • It is centered on the premise that healing and sustainable wellness are nurtured through regular and sustained connectedness to our physical, mental, energetic and spiritual selves.

  • Practitioners view clients as individuals whose diverse ways of being in the world - the intensity of emotions; expressions of sadness, anger and fear; relationships to trauma - are unique pieces of their wholeness, not broken or faulty parts.

  • Holistic psychotherapy is based on the notion that we are not simply emotional beings - we are physical, mental, energetic and spiritual beings whose experiences in these realms are interdependent.

What Can I Expect During Sessions?

Using a relationship-based approach, Dr. Page offers a safe, non-judgmental space for discussion, self-discovery, and goal-setting. She provides talk-based therapy as well as body-based practices such as mindfulness, breath practices, meditation, guided imagery and yoga. When appropriate, Dr. Page partners with holistic practitioners to offer clients referrals to a range of other modalities, often serving as a liaison for clients navigating holistic and traditional medicine practices.

Dr. Page meets with her clients at Village Wellness and is available to accompany them to other appointments or to explore options. When needed, connection via Skype is available. Believing that high quality psychotherapy should be accessible to as many people as possible, Dr. Page has kept her fees below the average rates of licensed mental health providers in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Treatment Fees

Tea-Time Consult: 30 min (free)
Initial Session: 90 min ($95)
Follow-up Sessions: 60 min ($85)

NOTE: I am happy to provide official documentation for out-of-network insurance reimbursement, and/or supporting documentation for Medical/Flexible/Healthcare Spending Accounts. 

Why I Do Not Take Insurance

  • I am a Holistic Psychotherapist with a core belief that we are all already whole. Overwhelmed, stressed and unbalanced, YES! But, not broken. My clients face struggles—sometimes exceptionally challenging struggles. Most often, though, they are experiencing normal responses to abnormal situations at work, at home, in relationships, with physical health, with loss. 
  • In-network insurance reimbursement requires me to work within a medical model of illness and diagnose my patients with a specific “disorder” as outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This label becomes a permanent, and not necessarily confidential, part of client medical records. 
  • Insurance companies decide which treatment is needed for each “disorders”—what kind of therapy, how much, how often—regardless of what my client and I might agree is best given their specific set of circumstances. 
  • The reimbursement that I would receive from insurance is not a living wage. I could not be the therapist that I am today—with the time and flexibility to work with my clients in holistic ways—if I were to rely on insurance reimbursement for my psychotherapy services. 
  • I recognize that this reality places a financial burden on my clients. As such, I have made a conscious decision to keep my fees well below market value so that I can continue to provide exceptional care in a highly personalized setting that honors the uniqueness of each client.  

Dr. Page Buck is a licensed social worker and yoga teacher whose own wellness journey has informed her practice of partnering with others to support lifelong wellness. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in 2008 that required a 15-month leave from full-time work, she set out to establish a sustainable path of recovery and wellness that includes meditation, yoga, animal-assisted therapy and acupuncture. Dr. Page is Associate Professor in the Graduate Social Work Department at West Chester University, where she teaches Master’s students the foundational skills of human connection through the lens of a bio-psycho-social systems perspective. 

Grounded in the belief that we are all already whole with everything we need within ourselves, Dr. Page offers a safe space for people to explore beliefs about wellness and identify both barriers and opportunities to experience wholeness. Her client-centered approach combined with training in trauma, body-based healing, resiliency and recovery allows for the co-creation of a sustainable and viable wellness plan.  

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