Village Wellness Open Acupuncture

formerly known as “Community Acupuncture”

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We offer open acupuncture in a quiet healing space where other patients are being treated nearby.
Sessions are provided on zero gravity recliners. Super comfy!
We offer individual, private sessions as well, if you want a more private and tailored treatment.

New Patient Intake Form  &   Welcome Letter 

Open Acupuncture Hours:

philadelphia community acupuncture mainline

by appointment only.
please note
: online booking closes 12 hours before sessions
for day-of bookings please call us at (610) 203-3747

want us to add more hours? make a request and we will do our best!

The Setting

We’ve made it easy to relax with our Open Acupuncture Clinic. You will walk into the warm and inviting treatment space. After getting comfortable in your super comfy zero gravity recliner your acupuncturist will join you and get started with your treatment. Others will be resting nearby in their own comfortable reclining chair while their treatment is in progress.

Relax in an Open Treatment Room

Its easy to feel relaxed and at ease in our space.  Clients remain fully dressed; we need only to reach your lower legs, arms, head and neck to be able to offer a treatment.

The Treatment

One of our friendly and knowledgeable acupuncturists will sit with you for a few minutes to ask a couple questions, hear about your goals, and listen to your pulses (a traditional Chinese diagnostic technique) to determine the best treatment plan for you. You acupuncturist will insert between 3-12 sterile hair-thin needles into various points on your legs, feet, arms, hands, ears or head.

Your treatments may last 20-60 minutes. It can take between 20-45 minutes for a treatment to fully circulate. Patients typically describe having an active mind initially and then they will gently sink into a more relaxed state or even have a little snooze.

After your Visit

Patients often report that they leave already feeling differently than they did when they first came in.

Patients walk out the door treatment feeling relaxed and recharged. Over time patients are able to report what changes they have noticed. Often the treatments provide subtle changes in areas that may not have been the reason for coming – these “side effects” [improved sleep, reduced stress levels, improved immunity] are a welcome surprise.

The effectiveness of your treatments will increase with frequency. Your initial treatments will only “hold” for 24-72 hours; your next visit will carry you a bit further. We cluster visits in the beginning, 1-3 visit per week (when scheduling allows) is common for the first few weeks of treatment so you can begin to see results sooner.


Drop-in Prices
Visits to our Open Acupuncture Clinic are just $35. No fine print.


5 Pack: $165 (save $10)
* expires 3 months after first use

8 Pack: $260 (save $20) 
* expires 4 months after first use

Purchase packages online if you wish:

# of sessions:
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What to bring:

Please dress comfortably, yoga clothes, sweats, etc.

Please  fill out:

Our Online Form prior to your initial session

Our Online Form prior to your initial session

Schedule your visit:

please note: online booking closes 12 hours before sessions
for day-of bookings please call us at (610) 203-3747


How do I know if I should Choose Open Acupuncture or Private Acupuncture? 

The biggest differences between the two styles are in-depth time with your acupuncturist, accessibility, and cost. 

With private sessions you will have opportunities to have in-depth time to develop a healing relationship with your practitioner. Your practitioner will also be able to access areas such as your back and torso for more precise treatment.

If you are not sure whether to do private or open acupuncture, we recommend booking your initial session privately with one of our acupuncturists. This way they can get to know you in-depth and suggest the appropriate course of treatment. 

Testimonials – What our patients have to say:

Choosing to come to Village Wellness for community acupuncture was the best decision I have made for my well being in a long time. Upon entering you are made to feel like an old friend that is hanging out in an already familiar and warm place. The staff is wonderfully welcoming, and I felt relaxed within seconds of walking in. After some stressful events, Gabrielle (who is one of the kindest and gentlest souls I have ever met!) explained all that she was doing, and made me feel calm and at ease before the treatment even truly started. I left feeling SO much better and I cannot wait until my next treatment. THANK YOU! – Blair R., Collegeville, PA

Had my first appointment at the village wellness center this evening. It was a great experience! The staff is wonderful and the community style acupuncture is awesome. It's also very wallet friendly for those who are on the fence and want to try it for the first time. They also have a really easy to navigate website for new patients and appointment booking! Looking forward to next week! - C.H.

I have had several amazing experiences at Village Wellness. My first experience was two years ago when I attended a community crystal bowl session. I came to the session with severe back pain and left with much less pain. I am currently seeing Lei Duan for acupuncture and herbal remedies. I LOVE Lei. She is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner who listens intently and is kind and helpful. I absolutely recommend Village Wellness ❤️ –Kim Shipman. Main Line, PA. 

A group of us went in for the community acupuncture session. Village Wellness offers a tranquil and serene environment. Gabrielle was our acupuncturist. She took the time to review our concerns before the appointments and address each of our individual needs. Getting to lay back in the zero gravity chair with a blanket while the treatment was done was so comforting. This was my first acupuncture experience, I would recommend trying out the community acupuncture for $35 even if you have never been!  –Jill Maddock. Main Line, PA.