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Each of the five elements is connected to a spiritual quality. The Metal Element (Fall time energy) is associated with the ‘Po’ or Corporeal Soul aka the tangible consciousness and primal urges, while the Wood Element (Spring time energy) is connected to the ‘Hun’ or the Ethereal Soul aka formless consciousness .

The Po is the part of the soul that makes us human, incarnate. It receives essential worth and lets go of what no longer serves us. In Taoist Philosophy, after death, the Hun travels with the spirit and the Po remains with the body to decompose and provide nourishment for the future.

I also think of the Po as influencing our legacy, our earthly imprint. It is the facet of soul that leaves a mark in time and space. On the highest level we can ask “What am I doing today that will positively influence the next 7 generations?”

In the treatment room, I use this powerful point when my patient has a feeling of being trapped or a feeling of disconnection with their deeper self. Po Door invokes the spiritual freedom that comes when we realize just how precious life is. This freedom brings deeper connection to self, life, and others. It promotes a contagious lightness of being.

Soul Door (BL 37 or 42 in TCM)  Outer Lung Shu Point on the bladder channel

Physical Level

  • strengthens and nourishes the Lung

  • helps replenish Qi in cases of extreme exhaustion of Lungs in chronic disease

  • soothes coughing

  • alleviates pain in the Lungs


  • eases Grief

  • helps reinstate joy when depressed or feeling cut off or shut off

Spirit Level

  • brings deep and tangible connection to Soul and Spirit of the Self.

  • eases feeling of closed off from Spirit, even when trying to connect and meditate.

  • resolves feeling trapped in a pattern of thought and feeling.

  • opens the door to the deeper essence of Self

  • helps to revive the Spirit

  • restores essence when there is a feeling of giving up


On the back, level with the space between the T3 & T4 vertebrae. on the inner border of the scapula.

How to Stimulate:

You can stimulate this point by leaning against a tennis ball placed on the spot. Gently massaging the point for 1-3 minutes or until you are inspired to take a deep breath.

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BL 37 (42 in TCM)