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When I have a patient who is feeling disconnected, uninspired, or cut off, this is a fantastic place in the body that, when stimulated, often brings an almost immediate restoration of deep connection. I love this point! and find it particularly useful this time of year as Autumn reveals or sometimes forces opportunities to let go and grieve.

We will stimulate this point by tapping with our fingers. Continue to tap, until you feel a deep breath come and go.

Middle Palace (Lung 1) Entry point of the Lung Channel and window of the sky point

Physical Level

  • Revives the breath

  • Regulates lungs

  • Relieves coughing

  • Eases asthma symptoms

  • Eases chest pain


  • eases and calms grief

  • helps to move through the tears of grief

  • allows one to take in praise and respect

  • Revival of a sense of self worth

Spirit Level

  • Revives connection to Self/Spirit

  • Brings inspiration

  • Restores a sense of higher purpose

  • Restores a feeling of beauty in the world


On the chest, level with the space between the first and second ribs. approximately 1.5-2 inches in the depression below the acromial end of the clavicle. Point is typically slightly tender to the touch.

How to Stimulate:

You can stimulate this point by gently massaging or tapping the point directly .

Feel Amazing!

Love, Lance

Lung 1

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