Hi everyone! Today i want to share an amazing point, that I recently used in an acupuncture treatment focused primarily on Spiritual level healing! The patient was feeling a sense of low self-worth, depression and disconnection from purpose. After the treatment the patient reported feeling more like themselves, a reconnection with their mission.

When you stimulate this point on yourself there is often an instinct to take a deep breath.. Allow this healing, calming breath to circulate through your body.

Heavenly Palace (Lung 3) A window of the sky point on the Lung Channel.

Physical Level

  • Supports Lungs and deepens the breath


  • eases and calms depression and grief

  • helps to relieve feelings of claustrophobia

  • helpful for mental confusion, and forgetfulness

Spirit Level

  • calms and uplifts the spirit

  • helps restore receptivity

  • helps to restore trust in one’s self

  • can help restore trust in the universe and a sense of self-worth

  • help help bring a sense of meaning to one’s life


On the lateral border of the biceps. The point is located about 6 inches (2 hands width -pinky to index finger) up from the elbow crease.

How to Stimulate:

You can stimulate this point by gently massaging or tapping the point directly .

Feel Amazing!

Love, Lance

lung 3 acupuncture point

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