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In many cultures, Autumn is the time of year when the veil between worlds is said to be thinnest. It is a time when you can connect with and remember your ancestors. In the spirit of Halloween, All Hallows Eve, I present Assembly of Ancestors, an embodied reminder of that connection. In the treatment room I use this as a spirit point when my patient is feeling disconnected to their past, their ancestors, the world, or their spiritual sense of self.

Assembly of Ancestors (TW 7) Xi-Cleft (accumulation point) of the Triple Warmer Channel

Physical Level

  • dispels wind

  • clears internal heat

  • soothes the Liver

  • moves stagnant energy

  • helpful for pain on the side of the ribs

  • eases skin when it is painful to the touch

  • relieves involuntary movement of the hands and fingers


  • brings stability and calm to feelings of mental confusion and chaos

  • brings calm, peace, and tranquility

Spirit Level

  • Brings deep connection to our ancestral and astral energy

  • Helps reconnect to our lineage when we are feeling lost in the world

  • A place to tap into our deeper resources

  • helps clear hereditary patterns that we are trying to break

  • Taps into the wisdom of those who have come before us


On the posterior forearm, between the radius and ulna, approx. 3 inches (width of palm) up from the wrist crease a little closer to the pinky side of the space - the point may be slightly tender.

How to Stimulate:

You can stimulate this point by gently massaging it directly for 30 seconds or until you are inspired to take a deep breath.

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