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In Acupuncture there are 10 meridians connected to the organ systems (Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Gallbladder, Liver, Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, and Spleen) and 2 connected to functions in the body, the Heart Protector, and Triple Warmer (aka Triple Energizer, Sanjiao, or Three Heater).

On a physical level, The Triple Warmer meridian is responsible for circulating qi (energy), blood, fluids, and hormones throughout the body. Here we use the channel to help circulation and movement.

But the Triple Warmer channel is also extremely helpful in our social and emotional relationships. Its like the host of a party, who is making sure everyone has what they need, are comfortable with one another, and are having a fantastic time.

In the treatment room I use this point when my patient is feeling either extremely sensitive, overly shy, withdrawn, and vulnerable in their life or if there is upset from too much connection, pushing past their boundaries, and ‘wearing their heart on their sleeve’.

This is also a great point to bring energetic boundary strength to holistic practitioners, doctors, and psychotherapists who tend to “pickup” their patient’s upsets.

Rushing the Frontier Gate  Jing Well, entry point, and metal point on the Triple Warmer Channel.

Physical Level

  • helps clear heat from the upper body

  • eases sore throat

  • helps with clarity of speaking

  • cools fever or feeling of extreme heat in the body

  • helps to relieve tinnitus, deafness, earache, headache

  • helps with dizziness

  • increased flexibility when there are issues with arm, neck, or shoulder


  • softens rigidity in emotions or thoughts

  • eases the feeling of ‘wearing our heart on our sleeve’ or ‘cold hearted’.

  • helps to coordinate thoughts and feelings

  • helps articulation

  • helps when we are feeling too vulnerable

Spirit Level

  • reconnects when feeling cut off from others

  • realigns, strengthens, and balances energetic boundaries

  • eases upset from rigidity of spirit


On the ulnar corner of the ring finger nail

How to Stimulate:

You can stimulate this point by simply pressing and gently massaging the point for 30 seconds or until you take a deep breath.

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TW 1 acupuncture point