Here in Philadelphia, Fall feels like it finally arrived after much hot and humid weather. Though it took its time this year,  when it is ready Autumn ‘falls’ quickly and swiftly like an ax. The humidity has been intense and today I breathed the crisp, cool, air with relief, reviving my connection.

The energetics of today reminds me of the point:

Very Great Abyss (Lung 9) The Source Point of the Lung Channel

The point is useful in the following:

Physical Level

  • Resolves phlegm

  • Stops coughing

  • strengthens the Lungs


  • lifts us up in times of great despair

  • eases the weight  of depression associated with grief

  • helps to move grief

  • helps the feeling of “falling into the abyss/hell” where their is no stability

Spirit Level

  • revives the spirit when there is instability in self

  • reconnects us to a deeper source of love and security

  • accesses the deepest levels of spirit through the breath

  • helps to unite emotions. body, and spirit

You can stimulate this point by gently massaging the point directly on the thumb side of the wrist crease (see the little circle in the pic)

Feel Amazing!

Love, Lance

lung 9